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Been crabbing on SF shores for the past two weeks. Nice weather, but I've only been catching females, a few legal sized. The nice weather has been bringing out people to the beach, which is nice but I need my crabbing space!
I had been beach fishing for surf perch around Santa Barbara in Jan – Feb but was not having any luck. This month, rented a boat at Cachuma and caught bass. Going back Sunday. Not hitting the piers until June probably.

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Now that the weather seems to finally have improved I would expect people to be getting out there and testing the waters.

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YIKES.......THAT HURTS........
I had it (although I never gave it a name). Exercised it out and never missed a beat. Improper footwear and hard labor or intense off-road walking or hiking can cause it. Also, engaging in sports with improper fit/padding/wear on shoes can bring it on too.
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We were in Aptos this morning right as high tide peaked. Landed 2 barred perch within the first 20 minutes, one of which was the largest I've ever caught. It was right around 16". We lamented not having a scale. It was a female and I released it. Caught a male a few minutes later which was ~12" and released that one, too, on the silly assumption that I would catch more. Big mistake. Caught both on an LC Flash Minnow. Hardly a nibble for the next 2 hours until I landed a small male on a red Gulp sandworm.

Edit to add: Guess I should include the pic.

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The storms and associated swells around SF and northward have kept me off the water for a few weeks. Finally found time to soak bait off the rocks at Lands End yesterday and pulled up a half dozen cabs, including a couple just short of legal. The highlight of the afternoon was pulling a fat 22” monkeyface out of a spot that I’ve fished hundreds of times by now; never caught a monkey there nor ever heard or seen one pulled out by others. My gut always told me that the structure there was great for them and so I guess it was only a matter of time before one set up shop.


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Keep in mind Derek that striper are anadromous, so it won’t affect them so much. So, they are available. View attachment 754
Although it may be a moot statement given the amount of run-off this spring, do remember that saltwater is heavier than freshwater and there are times when there is a layer of freshwater flowing out to the sea OVER a layer of saltwater. In such a situation the bottom species may not be impacted as much by the run-off as mid-level or top-water species. An example might be jacksmelt that would be expected to move closer to the entrance of the bay in such conditions. This would, I think, tend to be more true in the shallow water parts of the bay. Of course the anadromous species like striped bass are comfortable in both salty and freshwater conditions.