First Striper ever!!

I've been "plugging" whatever loose term that is (was throwing a calissa) for the past half a year now just trying to understand the basics of how a jerkbait is worked and how it will work in the surf. I have never bass fished so I have very little knowledge of using any kind of lures and have always been a bait and wait fisherman until I decided last year that I would exclusively try my hand at using lures. Suffice to say that it has definitely been an extremely fun and challenging experience. Moving to the Santa Cruz area has allowed me to have this great opportunity of exploring all the beaches around this area and fishing whenever I can because of how close everything is. This was caught around Santa Cruz.

I know there is a lot of sand on the fish but I did rinse it off and immediately disposed of the fish by puncturing its brain and bleeding it out. My prep for this fish is to make some sashimi so I froze it and use the rest of it for a korean spicy fish stew (maeuntang) as it's one of my favorite dishes.

this was a 23" and right after I caught a shaker
first striper.jpg
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Nice! Stripers on lures... I agree with K1n: what a rush. Is that Calissa a Glow Sardine?
yeah its the glow sardine, i had a nuclear pink glow sardine as well but one of my rods had a cracked guide and literally threw it into the ocean to never be seen again lol. They're not selling them online right now but was able to get one in salinas at the tackle box.

The conditions have been great in the morning with a bunch of overcast skies, which I've been told is one of the most productive times to use a Calissa/lucky craft.
congrats, there's nothing like the first one!! let alone the first one on a lure. The rush of "hey, i just got bit" to "I'm ON!!!, don't choke dont choke dont choke" to "GOT IT!!"
Haha yeah I was freaking out, heart was pounding, thankfully my drag was set perfectly and I got a good hook set as well
Nice fishing there.

I personally think that bait & wait fishing is very boring, although I do it.

Fishing actively with artificial lures and flies has always been my favorite.

My ultimate type of fishing is to fish a river with a fly rod, then camp next to it as it gets dark.