Do people have trouble posting pictures?

Ken Jones

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I know Hashem posts them on another site due to size restrictions and then links to that site.

It's easy for me, I just take the pictures and then download upload them to my Mac when I get home. There I make a duplicate of the pictures I want to post and simply downsize those pictures from 3-4 MB to around 600 KB. It takes me just few minutes to make the adjustments.


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I only take pics with my cell phone. I email those pics to myself, download them and then re-size them on my computer. I use the "best for thumb-nails and profile pics" choice from the sizing menu. I can then paste the re-sized pics directly into the report that I am working on.


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The software that powers this forum had a default image size limit to prevent the server from being loaded up with too many higher resolution photos. Every time a new generation of phones come out, the default image size goes higher as the phones take better and better pictures.

Ideally, a piece of software should be installed on the server that resizes the image to the max allowable without the user having to resize. Younger people are used to being able to take a picture with their phone and instantly upload it to their sharing site of choice through an app interface.

I actually did some research and this can be handled with a settings tweak on the server side. No additional software is needed.
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Ken Jones

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Of course if members are simply posting pictures elsewhere, size-editing software might not make much of a difference.