Cedros Island trip 7/23-27/2018.


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I think the guess on burrito grunt is right. You were right on the hogfish. It is a mexican hogfish. In particular a male. They are related to sheephead and are all born female with some converting to male later in life. Cool to see some of the different non glamour species. Nice trip


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You are right on both counts.

Both fish have been identified after my post.

The Grunt per the Fly fisherman and the Hog based on an ID book that I just received today

Red Fish

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Below is the link to my recent trip to Cedros Island.

Due to length of the report, it is easier to post the link to another website.


It was fun for sure.
Nice trip Hashem, thanks for sharing! Your posts of Southern California and beyond have really given me a pictorial of what it is like to be at these places and experience the fishing. Places like Marina Del Rey, Hermosa, and Manhattan Piers.
I would take more pictures of Northern Cal Piers myself, but honestly, they fish pretty well but most of the East Bay piers, there's not much to see (or maybe I've seen it so much there's nothing there). :)


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Thanks Red.

I have not been to many of the piers that I used to go.

The lack of fish is one reason.

I save the time and money for Catalina and other places that are sort of bucket list.

Next plans are to go kayak/panga fishing in Bahia de Los Angeles in Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California),.

In December to Colorado for ice fishing with Bill Varney followed by more ice fishing in Utah.