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    Rock Crabs and Domoic Acid

    CDPH has issued a consumption warning for Dungeness crab caught in two areas : 1) From Shelter Cove, Humboldt County (40° 01.00′ N. Lat.) south to Point Arena, Mendocino County (38° 57.50′ N. Lat.) and from Point Reyes, Marin County (38 ° 00.00′ N. Lat.) south to Pillar Point, San Mateo County...
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    Rock Crabs and Domoic Acid

    Read the post, seems like they're advising not to eat the butter
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    Pier 30 SF

    Long time member of the forums before it switched out and never registered. Curious has anyone fished Pier 30 in San Francisco before? Tried looking for reports on the web and forum with no luck. Checked it out recently and saw potential as the water is pretty deep.