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    Finally A Hali Worth Posting

    "I fish a lot, so I fail a lot--as far as targeted species--yet success is always a possibility because I had a line out on the water." ... The Happy Wanderer Best line of 2021! Amen and amen.
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    April on the Central Coast

    Hey "Frozen" Great report. I can testify as to the tough wind and wave conditions -really going back to December - on the north coast. My hat's off to you for doing battle and coming up with some great looking fish. Love the "cab and chips" pictures!
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    Goleta pier info?

    Hey "B" Welcome to the boards. I live about 7 hours from Goleta, and have never had the pleasure of fishing that pier, but I can tell you that before heading out to any pier in California that is new to me; I consult my Pier Fishing in California book to get a wealth of info- including the fish...
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    Finally A Hali Worth Posting

    Like a BOSS! That is how it's done. Mega congratulations!!!!
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    Quick Report from Catalina Cabrillo Mole Pier 5/2

    Hey Evan, Melinda! Nice work. Thank you for the report and the tip on using the scent from the shrimp head. The video was fun to watch!
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    Humbolt jetty last week

    I'm reminded of the old adage used by surfers WAAAAAAY back in the day when I did a lot of surfing and built boards for my friends. When ever we would show up for a day of surfing only to find the waves small, slow, and mushy (if there were waves at all) everyone we talked to would say the same...
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    North bay Halibut 4/27

    B-E-A-utiful!!!! Nicely done!
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    Salted sardines

    I have had good success following Ken's advice for saving unused bait (particularly anchovies) I lay them out on a cookie sheet and sprinkle liberal amounts of kosher sea salt on both sides before carefully packing them (laying side-by-side - NOT on top of one another) in zip-lock bags (be sure...
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    Central coast bycatch

    "This is a gumboot chiton." Well, of course it is.
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    First Striper ever!!

    Nice Fish! Kudos to you for putting in the time to learn a new way of catching fish.
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    More Than You Want To Know About Currents & Tides

    Good information. I can attest to the importance of tidal currents as I fish the waters of the "West Delta" ( Rio Vista, Isleton, Franks Tract, and west of there to Sherman Lake) some 30 times each year. I NEVER go out on the water without consulting the Tides4fishing web site. There are...
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    First of the year in the surf

    Beautiful fish! Thanks for the report.
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    Eugene Kim - Fundraiser

    Thanks, Fishmom!
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    Catalina Deux — March 2021

    Well, lets do a quick review; Your report "Catalina- Deux" is found to be: Detailed (very helpful for those thinking of making the trip themselves) Full of beautiful pictures ( greatly appreciated by those of us that may well never be able to go) Generous in fishing "how - to" information...
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    Organizing my tackle box.

    Nicely done, sir! Makes me want to get out to the coast even more.