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    Halibut Limit Reduction?

    Good questions. I assume the Dept closely monitors halibut populations & harvest levels, considering they are an important part of the commercial fishery in SF bay. So, if harvest or limit reductions were in the forecast, we would know about it already. Slot limits wouldn’t work for halibut due...
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    A Boat Trip July 27 & 28

    Thats a really cool offer man! Even though I’m not in socal, I still appreciate the effort & generosity. Hopefully karma repays you with some beautiful tuna :-)
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    Old Message Boards

    Ability to search & view the old message boards would be quite helpful, even if they are simply read-only. Thanks for doing this, Ken (and Rich).
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    Central Coast, Sand Dollar musings

    Heck yeah, great report and documentation of one of my favorite spots! Thank you. Willow Ck beach is good for perch too.
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    Santa Cruz Wharf pics — halibut and pink salmon

    Whoa thats crazy! During salmon season, using proper gear, it would be allowed to keep too! There have been more pink & chum salmon than normal appearing in various CA systems during the last 2yrs. But I haven’t heard of anybody catching one in the ocean! Very cool catch.
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    Change to limit on lingcod...

    Yup, can only keep 1 @ 22” now.
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    Too Much Gear........

    I had an even better idea...and bought my wife a license and a new fishing pole & reel for her bday last week :-) I can already see the future conversations, “hey baby, check it out, I just bought you a new Shimano Calcutta reel. Surprise! Oh, can I borrow your new reel on Saturday?” :-)
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    Too Much Gear........

    “Too much fishing gear” There is no such thing in my world (just don’t tell my wife!) haha
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    Preference: Halibut or Rockfish?

    I’d vote halibut too. And I agree CA butts can taste better than Pacbutts...depending on where caught & how they were handled. Most Pacbutts in CA are pulled up from 200+ feet of water, which affects the texture if handled wrong. AND it’s illegal to dispatch them with a firearm in CA, so most...
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    Central Coast Rocks Nov. 10 and 14

    Nice little surprise, Walt! Congrats and thanks for the report.
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    Message Board, Facebook, etc.

    There seems to be more participation in Facebook fishing groups than online fishing forums lately. It probably depends on what the goal is. If the goal is to share info with a larger audience, then Yes. Excellent breakdown by EgoNonBaptizo btw!
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    fishing license

    2019 licenses are available now. The annual license is still a January-December deal...despite overwhelming support for the proposal to change it (to one year from date of purchase).