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    Oceanside Pier Notes

    Ruby's also closed in the Huntington Beach Pier. Steve
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    Rod holders for flat (no rail) piers?

    This is clever. Steve
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    Knuckleheads, Dimwits and other stupid people — Stay Home!

    This could be short sighted. Fines could potentially pay for the wardens (if judges took wildlife regulations seriously). Steve
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    Best Slow Day Ever - Cabrillo Mole Catalina 2/14/21

    evanluck and Mahigeer. Thank you for your replies. Steve
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    Best Slow Day Ever - Cabrillo Mole Catalina 2/14/21

    How crowded was the Catalina Express? Steve
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    Rod holders for flat (no rail) piers?

    I asked the question before heading to Morro Bay, where I was hoping to fish the T-piers. Steve
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    United Colors of Avalon: Cabrillo Mole 1/24/21

    Thanks for the detailed answer. Steve
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    The Kyphosus species —

    Ken, I may have taken his use of family too literally, but I also thought they might be of interest because of their potential to reach decent size, difficulty hooking, and fighting ability. All attributes he was looking for. Steve
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    United Colors of Avalon: Cabrillo Mole 1/24/21

    I have read different things about sheephead as an eating fish. Some suggest it tastes like lobster, others use it for lobster bait. I have also read that the skin is unpalatable. How do you prepare it? Steve
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    The Kyphosus species —

    According to A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes: from Alaska to California, there are 5 members of Kyphosidae in our waters: opaleye: common, hard to hook, good fight, to 2 ft. zebra perch: hard to hook, to 17 in.
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    Anyone fish...

    When are you planning to head this way? I could do a little scouting. Steve
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    500 Juvenille California Halibut Released Into the Wild

    Time has shown that California Halibut are native to the bay area, but it also appears that the expenditure was unnecessary, since recent halibut fishing appears to be better in the bay area, without having to plant juveniles, than Southern California. Steve
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    Updated article, Starry Flounder

    You mention multiple times, in your article, that starry flounder are much less common than they used to be. Why is it still included in the fish with no limits? Does no one at Fish and Wildlife notice when catches are decreasing? Steve
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    Veterans Memorial Pier Long Beach - Butterfly Ray

    I don't know how common they usually are, I saw another one landed as I was leaving Huntington Beach Pier a week ago Saturday. Steve