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    If you plan to go to Catalina to fish from Mole

    Didn't they just finish a renovation within the last few years? What are their plans for the Mole? Steve
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    Huntington Beach Pier

    Looking at Ken's shoreline looking north in the 50's, Surf City isn't the first name that comes to mind. Steve
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    Lucky Craft Flash Minnow options

    Thanks Makairaa, I was thinking about that but was concerned it would change the action. I'll now have more confidence in trying it. Steve
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    Bottom fishing with Telstar Fort Bragg 9/9/22

    Though not referred to by name, it is shown as the blue-sided form of the blue rockfish, in A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes From Alaska to California, and noted as a possible separate species. Steve
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    Lucky Craft Flash Minnow options

    Thanks MisterT. Steve
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    Lucky Craft Flash Minnow options

    Some people are having success using Lucky Craft Flash Minnows to fish for halibut in the surf. I am interested in trying it, but I dislike treble hooks, and these have three. I am concerned about what they do to fish that will be released. Is there an alternative to treble hooks that will not...
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    Ocean Beach Pier Bait and Tackle Shop

    Thanks to Ken and jungfisher. Steve
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    Ocean Beach Pier Bait and Tackle Shop

    Is the bait and tackle shop still open on Ocean Beach Pier? If so, does anyone know if they rent equipment at a reasonable price? Steve
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    The official California Fish & Wildlife Dept. list of public piers and jetties — NO FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED

    All of the jetties in Ventura County are posted "keep off," so I am not surprised they are not included. Thanks, Ken, for getting the answers that have been around so long. Steve
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    5 Foot White Sea Bass Caught at Newport Pier

    I agree with Ken about the problems with snagging. I have seen corbina inside the surf at Hueneme, and there are usually some people with snag rigs, when they are around. I'm confident that they are selling them. I have to admit though, the only guitarfish I've caught snagged itself by the nose...
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    Changes in Sand Crab Regulations

    Ken started a thread on sand crabs: OaklandP pointed out that the regulations for sand crabs changed this year: Can someone check if dipnets and mesh devices made of hardware cloth are considered...
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    A Trip to the Southland and Eleven Piers

    Ken, In case you're interested, the birds are black-crowned night herons. The brown one is immature. Both of the photos are very good. Steve
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    Oceanside Pier Notes

    Ruby's also closed in the Huntington Beach Pier. Steve
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    Rod holders for flat (no rail) piers?

    This is clever. Steve