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    floating pier report

    you can have 10 rods but can only use one at a time in the bay on a yak
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    Buena Vista Beach Resort 7/19/26/2022. Long w/pic.

    Great write up. we have gone to bv for many years now.
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    Cabrillo Mole March 7th

    Fish tacos none the less. congrats bro!
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    Throwback Picture from the Berkeley Pier

    Fished last sunday, people cut the top fence. 28# 7gills 9 bat ray 5 leopard and bucket of rock crab. people are there at night every w/e.. dont shine light before 2nd sink. new security walk to gate and shine light but nothing els
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    Crabbing Reels

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    Crab opener

    Kirby cove has crabs. its a little walk down.
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    Shelter Island Pier Fish

    mackerel are going off there right now..
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    Filthy Poachers

    Does he know that 3 rods is illegal? have you ever call him poacher? when you talk to him say it, "Ay bro! How many fish you poach today?" "Ooh nice fish bro! which rod you catch him on? one two or three?" I hate poachers i dont care where they are from.. and you need to put them in their...
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    Bay Area (my report)

    too bad about the fishing, they are advising that people dont cruise around like you did...its how the virus will spread and how one will catch it easier
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    Recommendations for jaw gripper for small fish

    Ahh..makes sense. google mini fish gripper. they have nicesmall ones for panfish..
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    Bass before the storm

    Ugly stiks are made in china bro....Nice fish. :cool:
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    Garden Snails

    I smash them and pull the meat out. (cut into little pieces) watched a old guy use whole mussels in the shell and he was doing good on sheephead. he would split them open leaving one half of the shell and hook some of the meat then let it down shell and all. thought it was a odd method but it...
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    Recommendations for jaw gripper for small fish

    why do you need to lipgrip a perch or a smelt? they both have delicate mouths and are normally small, there is no need for a boga on them. palm the bellys and they relax just fine,
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    Unidentified lure

    Mirrolure. very popular in the south the east coast. that gold is a killer.
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    Crab nets in fast water

    Look for people throwing awy weight lifting sets. take the plates and ziptie them to the net.