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    Anything happening in the Monterey area?

    There were lots of anchovies last weekend at santa cruz pier
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    Live bait bucket the easy way to retrieve a piece of live bait

    I do almost the same but leave about 6in so i can keep the bucket instead of always tossing it in the water after every cast
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    What are the best artificial lures for species like bay bass, halibut and shortfin corvina?

    I like using the flukes with paddle tail on a drop shot rig when fishing for butts in sandy area and a big hammer swimbait when fishing around rocky areas
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    Filthy Poachers

    Thats all i can do is report. I cant do anything else.
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    Robert e Woolley pier

    Yes its open but i went about 2 weeks ago and they blocked off alot of parking for the hotel
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    CA Fish & Wildlife Phasing Out Reg Booklets / language

    I agree with making it in more languages and to make it in simple format. When reading it myself, some of the rules are confusing, so imagine the limited english others have tring to read the rules.
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    Why do you fish?

    For the fun, peace, everyday life fustration, bragging rights, adrenaline of what just hit your 6in swimbait, and for food
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    tbh plastic worms

    Weightless wacky rig is a killer for them
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    San Francisco shelter-in-place

    I think most people are taking it seriously but are more open to the 6ft you are good rule. Plus all the gyms got closed so alot of people are running for their excerise. Just my .02
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    Any interest in PFIC Get Togethers?

    Depending on the date i would be able to do the santa cruz or/and paradise (never been to paradise pier)
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    Pacifica Perch

    Was out at baker beach today for crabbing and saw a few perch landed but not sure what kind. Didnt get any crab either
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    What's your expert advice on how to catch a halibut from a pier?

    For live bait i use a sliding set up and for dead bait i use a 3 way setup. Basic setup for me
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    San Jose Fisherman's Warehouse closing

    Guessing they cant compete with bass pro shop thats about 1mile away
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    Dead bait fishing for halibut off piers?

    Ive actually cought a few butts jist dropping the bait down from oyster pt pier