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    Any interest in PFIC Get Togethers?

    Depending on the date i would be able to do the santa cruz or/and paradise (never been to paradise pier)
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    Pacifica Perch

    Was out at baker beach today for crabbing and saw a few perch landed but not sure what kind. Didnt get any crab either
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    What's your expert advice on how to catch a halibut from a pier?

    For live bait i use a sliding set up and for dead bait i use a 3 way setup. Basic setup for me
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    San Jose Fisherman's Warehouse closing

    Guessing they cant compete with bass pro shop thats about 1mile away
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    Dead bait fishing for halibut off piers?

    Ive actually cought a few butts jist dropping the bait down from oyster pt pier
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    Loud Inappropriateness Music On Piers

    I actually sometime play my music loud usually just because it doesnt seem loud to me. Never had anybody complain about it. I even had fellow fishers tell me to turn it up sometimes. But then agian most of my music are oldies
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    Any bait in SC?

    There are macks and anchovie but not in numbers
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    Robert e Woolley pier 7/24

    Thats the pier i go to just to get the skunk off my back. Usually rays and sharks. Can get lucky with stripers and halibut. My first ever halibut came from that pier
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    Knot Strength

    Cant go wrong with the palomar knot
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    Halibut from shore?

    Oyster point has lots of action on shaker hali. Need to work for the keepers there
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    Oceanside Pier angler who caught great white sentenced...

    Wow thats it. Not knowing isnt an excuse.
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    In Search of these sinkers

    Those are hard to find locally. Only place i found those were ly's fishing but he went out of bussiness a while ago so i just bought the mold for those
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    Fish and Game extends Red Abalone Fishery closure to 2021

    What u talking about no rangers. We always got checked comming home. One time we got checked 3 times when we were going home. Its the slow growth and the poachers that is messing up the population
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    What fishing looks like today...

    Gotta text the wifey before line goes in water