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    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch, to eat and your dream fish

    First fish: more then likely a bluegill but no real story since i was small Fish to catch: sturgeon Fish to eat: halibut Dream fish to catch: a world record largemouth bass
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    Rod holders for flat (no rail) piers?

    Maybe try those carp fishing stands.
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    Seven kinds of anglers...? Which type are you?

    I fall into a little bit of each one.
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    Fishing from the Harbor

    Well since its not a public pier or jetty you would need a ca fishing license to fish.
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    12/05 Jacksmelt City-Burlingame

    I believe san pablo bay is still 1 rod unless on a pier. I think you can use 2 rod after the carquinez bridge.
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    12/05 Jacksmelt City-Burlingame

    Correct me if i am wrong but you are only allowed to fish 1 pole at a time inside the bay unless on a pier. It just sould like you were using 2 rods at a time. Just in case you didnt know.
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    Remedial question - Recommended bait for crabbing (vs. feeding the sea lions...)

    Seals will take anything. My advise is to stay away from chicken and salmon head, seals will tear those up.
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    Crab opener

    Went to baker beach got there around 6 and called it around 830. My guess is about 50 crabbers out there but i didnt see a single crab get pulled up.
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    Crab opener

    Well since nobody talking about the opener i will start. Planning on hitting either baker beach or hmb jetty depending if i wanna do a midnight trip or morning trip.
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    Anything happening in the Monterey area?

    There were lots of anchovies last weekend at santa cruz pier
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    Live bait bucket the easy way to retrieve a piece of live bait

    I do almost the same but leave about 6in so i can keep the bucket instead of always tossing it in the water after every cast
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    What are the best artificial lures for species like bay bass, halibut and shortfin corvina?

    I like using the flukes with paddle tail on a drop shot rig when fishing for butts in sandy area and a big hammer swimbait when fishing around rocky areas
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    Filthy Poachers

    Thats all i can do is report. I cant do anything else.
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    Robert e Woolley pier

    Yes its open but i went about 2 weeks ago and they blocked off alot of parking for the hotel
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    CA Fish & Wildlife Phasing Out Reg Booklets / language

    I agree with making it in more languages and to make it in simple format. When reading it myself, some of the rules are confusing, so imagine the limited english others have tring to read the rules.