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    More Information On EBRPD For Bay Area Anglers

    Fishing is considered an essential activity.
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    Fabulous bag of perch of 2020

    Absolutely Mr. Ken On the first day, hooked and landed 5 huge redtails, The smallest one measured out @ 12" and the rest were like 14" to 15"+
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    Fabulous bag of perch of 2020

    Ok, Mr K Jones, I fished the northern part of CA, along the san mateo coast. Bait of choice was the Berkley Gulp Sandworm(motoroil or redflakes color), The setup was a 8 foot steel head rod with a Daiwa SS 1300 reel(old school). Terminal Tackle was the good ole reliable carolina rig, leader is...
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    Fabulous bag of perch of 2020

    Here is a combine two day report. The first day did very well on perch, bait of choice is the berkley Gulp Sandworm. however on the second day not so good, because of the wind and cold. all and all it was fun.
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    Fall Classic

    Fall Classic Day Today. admire the beautiful coastal scenic route of the california shore line. Went to a place is isolated somewhere in the northern ca beach. setup shop and attempt to use bait(sandcrab) and to see what's out there. The first 3 hours were dead silent, no takers. and when the...
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    Combo Outing

    The stripe bass taped out @ 21" and the redtail perch @ 13"