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    What's your favorite pier...

    Santa Cruz. Got me into ocean fishing. Long and interesting.
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    Santa Cruz Pier

    Thanks Ken!
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    Santa Cruz: Red Tide

    Last Sunday there was a quite impressive red tide at Santa Cruz wharf. You can check the pictures below. Some questions: What is the effect of this on fishing? Can this produce toxicity on fish, in particular anchovies?
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    Santa Cruz Pier

    There was an amazing red tide this Sunday, but even with that I got few anchovies. Only problem is: Anchovies might be toxic during red tides.
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    Muni Pier 8/5/19

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    Recipies for anchovies

    Thanks for the interesting information and article. I always remove the viscera (mainly because they are bitter!). One question. How do you know that there was a red tide on Capitola wharf? Just because of the color of the water? I'm not sure that all DA-producing dinoflagelates turn water red...
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    Recipies for anchovies

    I have tried 'Boquerones en vinagre' so many times. It is a very good 'tapa', on top of a small, slightly roasted piece of bread. Preparing them is easy... and complicated at the same time. The type of vinegar, the concentration of it, and the time you left the anchovies on it is crucial. Too...
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    Recipies for anchovies

    So far I'm not aware of anything wrong with the scale in anchovies... except you might not like finding them. It might actually be healthy to eat them: Regards N.
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    Pacifica 8/7

    Not sure if it responds your questions, but perch bites are quite characteristic. One or two sharp, but short bites to 'try', then the good one. Always very sharp bites from perch. Once you have felt some they are so easy to detect. Regards
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    Pacifica 8/4

    Thanks for the report. Very detailed.
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    Central Coast Rocks 6/25 Plus 7/8-7/11/19 Camping

    Wow. Some of those grassies look quite fat indeed.
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    Oyster point pier 7/28

    Great. What are the minimum sizes to take gill sharks?
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    Hey there! Piers in SF bay questions!

    It might be late, and it is not any close to San Francisco, but if you want a kid friendly pier try the Santa Cruz one, specially at the very end, that cannot be accessed by cars. Good fencing, sea lions and plenty of entertainment from there. Perfect for small perch, croakers, anchovies, and...