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    Need some help...

    It should be kid friendly for the sake of the future of the hobby. I remember when I was a kid, the old Redondo short pier had a tackle store with a bait window. You'd drop a ticket on the counter and scoop up an anchovy. During the bonito runs it was more fun than Disneyland. If that kind of...
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    Need some help...

    Adequate seating along with what's been already mentioned. I must be getting older, I like a bench with a backrest. And those plastic coated wire mesh ones are probably good for cleaning, but not so comfortable for me. Maybe a "No Drones" sign 😆
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    A Tackle Box...

    This is a great post. It's the thing I remember as a kid fishing off the Redondo short pier. Those live bait tickets and all the crazy action while I fished and my folks went off to buy crabs and whatever from George Fukumoto. What memories. I remember a story about a kid falling out of the...
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    5 Foot White Sea Bass Caught at Newport Pier

    When you have to sling it over your shoulder it's pretty impressive.
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    Just wondering & curious...

    Even in the posts I find interesting I may post once but come back several times to see the activity but I might not post again.
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    Dana Point Jetty by the Bait Barge (South jetty?) Sunday 5/1/2022

    Great report, loved fishing that area, brings back many fond memories. I spent a lot of time fishing swimbaits attached to jigheads and caught plenty of legal halibut that way. But i found that fishing them without a jighead on a dropshot rig worked the best. Gamakatsu makes some pre-tied...
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    Girl attacked by coyote near the Huntington Beach Pier

    "We were unable to shoot it again, because of backdrop issues,” Archer said. “We’re fairly certain we wounded it pretty good.” I recall seeing coyotes in my Whittier neighborhood fairly regularly. I felt bad to see them trying to survive in the urban sprawl. I'd go to the eastern Sierras and...
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    The spirit of the Lil Rascals is alive and well in those clips.
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    Sand crabs... Great Bait

    Agree with both points but I find it counterintuitive that the camo sandworm is such a great bait (never seen a live one on any beach I ever fished (I googled sandworm and most of the pics are from Dune (so, what is the surfperch when he sees one? "Hey, that thing looks like a tiny version of...
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    Sand crabs... Great Bait

    I remember seeing the Gulp! sandcrabs for the first time at Fred Hall a few years ago. Thought they were a great idea and bought several bags. Unfortunately, the perch weren't fooled.
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    Newest video — Favorite Piers

    Great vid. Was both informative and entertaining. Well done. My wife and I spent several anniversary weekends on Shelter Island. Lisa would shop and I would go across the street and throw a swimbait. A win-win.
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    On catching fish as large as whales...

    Not familiar with the writer but I love the line, "And whether it is fish or gold or gear, We all are fishermen throughout the year." One of the reasons why I still enjoy PFIC despite the meager amount of fishing I get to do myself.
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    Fishing Quote For The Day —

    Good old John. He's also credited with writing: "It has always been my private conviction that any man who puts his intelligence up against a fish and loses had it coming." A lot of people think of Hemmingway when it comes to fishing, but Steinbeck 2as no slouch on the subject. I saw his...
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    I remember when my wife's sister was growing up in Crescent City in the 70's, she was in a school fishing club. I thought it was a cool idea then. Up here in Idaho, there's a high school tournament coming up in May.
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    I Wish You Enough...

    Well stated, a lot of thought-provoking points. Thanks for posting.