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    Anyone know if SF Muni Pier or Torpedo Wharf open yet?

    Thanks all for the info, I think I’m going to try to come down soon
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    Anyone know if SF Muni Pier or Torpedo Wharf open yet?

    Hope I’m not beating a dead horse, but I can’t seem to find any information online to whether or not these piers are open or accessible, mainly the muni pier. Has anyone been by lately? I know J&P bait opened back up last week to provide live bait, and I’m thinking of making a trip down from...
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    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Well Mr. Pierce allow me to clarify some things for you: I was fishing with two rods, one with live bait and the other plugging. I had a friend with me who was also fishing two rods as well. We had a 5th rod set up, but if you were paying attention, it was leaning against a bench, and the line...
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    I'm most likely going to make another trip out to muni pier this next Monday, and Pinoyfisherman...

    I'm most likely going to make another trip out to muni pier this next Monday, and Pinoyfisherman may join if you'd like to come out. I'll have live anchovies.
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    Pacifica 8/7

    Don't let the local Pacifica guys discourage you, I know its easier said than done but try to maintain some resolve. I have been fishing that pier since I was 12 years old in the early '90s and that place always seems to attract the most unsavory scum. Combat fishing is the name of the game out...
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    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Thanks all, I'll try to answer some of your questions: Skyhook - I was using a 7ft Ugly Stik Big Water Medium Heavy action with 65lb braid on an Okuma ABF 50 series reel BiteArray - Sorry I couldn't get the post up sooner for your trip, that one took it out of me and I had to recover. The best...
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    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Headed out at 01:45 from Reno with a pierfishing newbie friend of mine in tow. Got our live bait from J&P and had rods in the water by 0624 off the Muni Pier. Tide was outgoing and bottoming out at 0930. Fished hard all morning with jigs, swimbaits and live anchovies for only one small ray. No...
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    Halibut - When they leave?

    Thanks Ken and Red, I’ll probably end up hitting fort point or fort baker then. As much as I like paradise pier, it may not be the best spot due to the bigger tides this week too. I’ll keep everyone informed on how I do
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    Halibut - When they leave?

    Ever since I've moved up to Reno, I've been pretty out of touch with the bay area fish migration patterns. Can someone please remind me of what month the halibut traditionally begin to move back out of the bay? I am down in SF for business this next week, but am going to bring along some fishing...
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    Halibut from shore?

    Thanks all for the info. I decided to increase my odds and book a charter instead
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    Halibut from shore?

    Thinking of making a trip down to the bay to hit some of the halibut action this weekend, anyone know if they have been doing well for halibut off paradise pier or fort baker? How about South Bay like oyster point? Thanks
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    Crab opener

    Were the waves very big when you guys went out?
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    Antioch Bridge Pier

    Way to go Robert, it takes a good person to do what you did.
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    Fall Run Striped Bass

    Nice report Glen, thanks for the heads up on conditions
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    A Lingcod from the wells

    You might try googling Martins beach, which is south of HMB, sometimes there are some good holes down there for barred surf perch. Another good location is the state beach off of Kehoe Ave in HMb, but again, it depends on the current conditions. I personally liked to fish Montara beach, but I...