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    Working Too Hard For A Skunk

    For hardcore angler, getting skunk on one fishing trip is like going to your favorite steak house but then the waiter warned you their steak is all gone, sold out. As for "that's-okey wannabe angler" like me, it's a way of fish no hurt feelings just nice to feel and smell the...
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    RIP Illcatchanything — Brian Linebarger

    He may Rest in Peace. My deepest condolences to the family. -mack
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    Big Halibut, Balboa Pier

    It's "Mea Culpa" not Mia copa. :geek::giggle: It's all good. Great catch, Snookie !! -mack
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    Crab opener

    Dropping by the Pacifica Pier now. As I see it, if you’re brave enough to join the crabbers might as well bring a metal helmet and ear plug. 😁
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    I’m baaack !

    Welcome back !!!
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    Fort Baker/Elephant Rock Pier 9/18, 9/19 - Long Report

    Thumbs up for the great report.
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    Fishing license

    Strongly in favor too especially when the cost of license is getting expensive every year.
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    Pacifica Pier 8/15/2018

    So long no one illegally cut your lines on tangles we should be okay. The more the merrier. I'll be there this weekend. :cool::D -m