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    Any recent reports from the Santa Cruz area?

    Fished in Aptos last Friday morning for my first outing since January. It was solid salad everywhere. Of course, I didn't bring any of my top water stuff. Sorry that I don't have anything more recent than that as, at best, we only make it over the hill every other week.
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    Pacifica Pier Closed

    My understanding is that Half Moon Bay and Pacifica are closing all their beach parking lots - that's in addition to the state beach lots that were already closing per the governor's orders. I wonder if Santa Cruz will be next.
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    We were in Aptos this morning right as high tide peaked. Landed 2 barred perch within the first 20 minutes, one of which was the largest I've ever caught. It was right around 16". We lamented not having a scale. It was a female and I released it. Caught a male a few minutes later which was...
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    I'm going fishing tomorrow morning with my brother. We tried crabbing last week in the drizzle in SF, but got skunk'd.
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    Strangest way you've ever landed/hooked fish?

    This is a pic of the lingcod I mentioned above. Excuse the poor angle which doesn't show how its head was caught in one of the crab snare loops.
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    Strangest way you've ever landed/hooked fish?

    Although I didn't catch it myself, I can say the strangest thing I've seen happened just this morning as I witnessed someone land a lingcod with a crab snare from a pier. It was keeper length, too.
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    Surf fishing / crabbing

    I could be wrong, but based on jv's original post and since he mentioned rain, I think his follow-up was a report from being there on Monday (12/24) instead of yesterday.
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    Fishing license