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    Orcas at Catalina

    I've seen whales and different varieties of dolphin traveling to and from Catalina but I don't think I've ever orcas...
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    Ocean Beach Pier

    Glad to hear a few fish are there.
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    Lobster regs — 2019-2020

    Possession limits are probably the most ignored rules in the regulation booklet. I know up in Mendocino County guys used to camp part of the summer in places like Albion. They would go out in their boats nearly every day and fill up their freezers before they headed back home to wherever they...
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    Where is salmon?

    They can vary by a few weeks +- each year. I assume they're late. Then again, maybe they won't make much of an appearance. Recommend you check with the local bait shops.
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    Lobster regs — 2019-2020
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    Old Catalina Bay.

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    I've heard of going down with the ship...It was only used by those willing to take a chance in order to get good fishing —

    Go Down With Decrepit Pier Men Are Ducked as Ancient Structure Collapses Hundred People Marooned on Ocean End Venice, July 12.—With a crash heard for more than a mile five bents of the decrepit Playa del Rey pier gave way and sank into the ocean before noon today. With the debris went Edward...
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    Old Catalina Bay.

    The steamer pier was originally built in 1887 by George Shatto, who had just purchased Catalina Island and intended to develop a resort community. To accomplish this he first built the pier and a hotel. For over 80 years, the steamer pier was the main access point to Avalon and Catalina Island...
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    I have always chummed when possible. Normally this is done by cutting up the unusable pieces of bait (i.e.,. the heads of anchovies or soft parts of mussel) and dropping them into the water. However, if you're like me you probably eat a lot of seafood and thus have usable chum at home. I always...
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    Old Catalina Bay.

    And Avalon Bay today —
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    Old Catalina Bay.

    This pic gives a good look out from the bay before almost anything was built. From 1900 —
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    Herring — The Point Richmond Chronicles

    Surprisingly, not a single herring is recorded in the five years of fish counts that I have from the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. The herring “dippers” are on their toes. They are getting ready for barrels, buckets, tubs, nets and the strange equipment used when the annual run of herring...
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    Benicia Bait and Tackle stores

    I think this is about the time the run started last year.
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    What's your expert advice on how to catch a halibut from a pier?

    Techniques change over time and I am curious as to what experienced anglers feel are the best methods for catching a halibut from a pier? I imagine there are many differences from the 1930 advice (in a previous post).