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    New regulations.

    Link doesn't work for me.
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    Fire burns old Red Barn Pier...

    We used to get quite a lot of reports in regard to the fishing at the tiny Red Barn Pier, reports primarily dealing with sturgeon from the pier. Just recently Redfish mentioned it during a talk we were having. Now it's gone. One more pier that's history. Fire burns old Red Barn Pier, ignites...
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    Goleta 2003 — What Memories!

    I wonder if we have enough board members today to pull off a similar get together? Times and people have changed. We are considering filming one of our next YouTube videos as a group event at a pier (and inviting anyone who wants to come). Considering SD and Orange County piers,
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    Goleta 2003 — What Memories!

    One of our best ever Get Togethers!
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    Pink Czarinas and Chameleons?

    I believe many ships today are forced to flush much of this ballast water out before entering the Golden Gate and the bay.
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    What do you think????

    I like the phrase too but at a time when the government has been spending TRILLIONS of dollars, and seeing hundreds of billions wasted in a variety of ways, I am not going to get excited that politicians are willing to spend $1.4 billion to "Keep America Fishing."
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    Pink Czarinas and Chameleons?

    An article I wrote many years ago — Pink Czarinas and Chameleons? March 7, 2011 What, you might ask, do pink czarinas and chameleons have to do with fishing. In fact, right about now you are probably asking what in the heck are pink czarinas? And no, they aren’t related to pink rabbits or...
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    Crabs for the holidays

    Congratulations, you have some good food there. Just had some myself. Had a great crab feed — crab, salad, sourdough bread, and a little vino.
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    The Dec. Report is late...

    I will not be able to post it until tomorrow or Saturday. Sorry.
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    What do you think????

    Sorry, but in my opinion if they were serious much more than $1.4 billion dollars would be in the bill. In California alone the Bullet Train, originally estimated to cost under $20 billion, has now ballooned in cost to over $100 billion. At the same time, California Parks doesn't have the money...
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    The Family — The Gin Mill

    The Gin Mill Bear and the boys who made up the “Army of the Hopeless” (so named by Martha who had finally quit trying to provide help and guidance) were in a dither out at the end of the pier. Local authorities had changed their routine and it was directed at people like the...
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    What do you think????

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...
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    The Family — The Lady of the Pier

    moonshine, I am still not over the loss of our last dog Ginger. She was a very special dog and became somewhat of the neighborhood dog since all the kids would rush over to pet Ginger's soft hair. Still haven't replaced her.
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    Stuck in Catalina With The Bonito Blues Again

    GDude was a good man in many, many ways.