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    zodiac killer lake vallejo

    they could be getting some lock jaw due to the weather changes lately or they are just staging mostly off secondary points getting ready for the spawn? When in doubt, fish finesse and go from there.
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    Braid for surf fishing

    Less is more for braid. Don't fill it to the brim like you would mono and it is also more prone to line twist. Make sure your swivel is decent quality and it should reduce the amount of twist. Also, if you are running lighter leader, make sure its stiffer (floro or stiff mono like maxima). I had...
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    Surf Fishing- Hard Baits Question

    I'm not going to knock the LC minnows because they do catch fish. However, as Mahi stated, it's also a size/baitfish comparison too. SP minnows are a staple for larger game such as stripers, calicos, barricuda etc. However, if you fish anything similar to an LC, say yozuri or an xrap, you will...
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    What exactly is there to fish for around now?

    it's a little bit of a transition time right now. little early for most sturgeon, little late for most striper. Both are around but with the rains, i suggest soaking some shrimp baits and giving it a go.
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    Benicia Bait and Tackle stores

    wouldn't it be hilarious if the sealions are there only because they see fishermen there? "Huh, the shore is lined up with fishermen...the salmon should be around"
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    Just curious... all night boat trips...

    Its been a moment since I've been on an overnight. But last time I was out, it was on the producer chasing paddies and they informed us where the fire extinguishers were. My more recent trips (3/4 day), I've always made a note of where the extinguishers were at least but the deckhands were...
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    Pacifica 8/7

    Dont mind them. Many of them use braid too, they're just salty. Fish run and tangles are inevitable. You should see what happens when one of them get into a thresher shark and creates a mess all around. Just say sorry and move on. A lot of them are old timers and they think that's the best way...
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    Halibut live bait rig

    In my opinion, I'd use a three way or a dropper loop setup. It keeps the bait higher off the bottom. Yes, it leads to a little more line twist, but keeping the bait away from the bottom feeders is well worth it. Funny thing is, I like run my dropper loop high. It sits about 3' from the sinker...
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    Anyone having success with 7gill (cow) sharks in SF Bay currently?

    Just something to keep in mind too...I don't know what the chances are of this for shore fishermen, but it's interesting to read.
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    Fishing in Taiwan and Japan... any pointers?

    Call the airline ahead of time and confirm with them what the restrictions are regarding fishing rods. I've gotten away with carrying multipiece rods (Daiwa ardito) without an issue. I wouldn't bother with the terminal tackle until you get there unless you want to bring lures. Need to take off...
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    Low Tide Poke Poling at HMB, July 5

    Good job out there. In my experience, those monkey faced eels have a strong survival instinct. What worked for me was to just decapitate them with a sharp knife. Use an old rag to hold them down and a quick slice does the trick. Another method is a bit more time consuming but you ice them down...
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    A Boat Trip July 27 & 28

    I’d so jump on this but with a young family I’m stuck shore bound. Best of luck out there! I heard things are picking up locally finally
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    West Hueneme Jetty 4/26

    Kelp fish tend to want to blend in with the kelp in the area. So if they're bright red, it means there are bright red seaweed underneath. Cool fish, but bad attitude sometimes. The have a pretty pointy spine on their dorsal if I remember correctly.
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    Expensive fish

    Looks like a bluefish in my opinion
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    Pier Fishing San Diego

    I second the great table fare of mackerel. A lot of people make the mistake of not keeping them properly. As stated above, you need to care for them properly. If you don't have ice, make sure you at the very least bleed them in a bucket of seawater right away. Don't dunk them in fresh water...