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    Seal Beach Pier 8/14

    Thanks for the report! Awesome job! Great tips/notes!
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    San Clemente Pier - Bonito Bite

    Thanks for the report! So cool to get some bonito out there! Heard that they get them there but have never really seen one caught in the times that I've fished there. Were you fishing the end or some other spot?
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    Huntington Beach Pier - Sunday 8/14/22

    Fished the end of Huntington Beach Pier Sunday morning. Arrived at 6:15AM and fished a small hook sabiki with a 30g jipara stick bait as the weight. Caught a collection of tiny mackerel, smelt, sardines, and a small walleye perch. Also got a decent bite fishing a live smelt on a carolina rig but...
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    Why/When Pier Fishing Can Suck...

    Yes and I would add that the more your pull your focus away from those things and anything that bothers you and onto things that please you the more your experiences tend to be filled with more pleasing things.
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    Happy Birthday Snookie...

    Happy Birthday Snookie!
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    Huntington Beach Pier 6/19

    Thanks for the report! Crab looks like a slender crab. If you haven't seen the page on crabs on this site here is a link:—/ Also from what I understand a trap rig is a three way swivel with the shorter leader for the weight and a longer...
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    It's My Birthday So I Went Fishing Today!

    Happy Birthday! Great fishing and thanks for the report!
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    Packing for Catalina...

    When I go I don’t go overnight. I take the first boat out of Long Beach and typically return on the 7:45pm. I bring a regular fold up shopping style pier cart. Soft tackle box is on the bottom, soft cooler on the top. On top of this is a 5 gallon bucket with a 3 gallon bucket with a rope for...
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    Tips for fishing live bait on a Carolina rig

    When I fish a Carolina rig with live bait to target halibut, I just cast, let the weight drop to the bottom, tighten the slack, click the clicker on my bait runner reel and wait for a strike. Does anyone do something different or more effective? Does anyone open the bail on their reel and let...
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome! Great post! I'm sure I'll see you around the local piers!
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    Bullied At Belmont Pier?

    i generally find the sharking crew at San Clemente friendly. Many are young, boisterous and use profanity regularly when they speak but I have fished with them frequently at the end of the pier and never had an issue casting in between their lines.
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    San Clemente Pier 5/24 - Keeper Sheephead

    Yes we are planning on it and we plan on rallying more friends who dance! It will be fun to have you there!
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    Cabrillo Mole 5/24/22

    So their presence is an indication of warm water?
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    5 Foot White Sea Bass Caught at Newport Pier

    My money is on the guy slinging it over his back heading off the pier. Second shot seems like you mind if I take a picture with your fish kind of pic. That shot is actually a screen grab from a video that shows the guy head off the pier with the fish and stopping to receive congratulations as he...
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    San Clemente Pier 5/24 - Keeper Sheephead

    Arrive around 7AM and started fishing for bait. Bait bite was sleepier than I remember it ever being here. No Mackerel and even the smelt were shy about biting. I did catch about 7 good bait sized smelt. I fished a few on these on a carolina rig in various spots around the end of the pier. No...