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    San Clemente Pier 11-28 Bass, Wrasse, Macks and Jacks

    Got to San Clemente Pier around 5:30AM. My girlfriend and I split up. She stayed inshore, and I went to the end. Morning bite was good. Most productive rig was a high low rig. I rigged the top hook with 1/3 of a live blood worm and the bottom hook with a piece of cut shrimp. I fairly quickly...
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    Finding live anchovies

    Thanks for the replies. Nice to get the perspective from people who have experience fishing year round!
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    Finding live anchovies

    I've been fishing the Southern California piers for a little over 6 months now and I have yet to encounter anchovies. Do they come around any of the piers in Southern California? Are they a significantly better live bait than smelt or sardines?
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    San Clemente 11/22

    Interesting wouldn't have thought to try that but will definitely give it a go the next time sardines are around at that pier.
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    San Clemente 11/22

    First time fishing at San Clemente Pier. Arrived around 5:30AM. Parking is close and very reasonable. They don't start charging for parking until 10AM but you can pay as soon as you arrive. Went down to the end of the pier and there were already the beginnings of what would be a large crew of...
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    San Clemente Pier 11/21

    Thanks for the report. Sorry your day wasn’t filled with more interesting fishing! Have fun at Dana Point tonight!
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    Dana Point Harbor/Malibu Pier

    Thanks for the report! I know the schedule is tight but would love a report from San Clemente as my girlfriend I and will be there for the first time on Sunday!
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    Hot Waters Rodeo 11/16

    Nice fish! Love the report! Congratulations! A full circle moment for sure.
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    Bolsa Chica Inlet 11-14, HB Pier 11-15

    Breathtaking tank! Must have been awesome to see it live!
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    Striped Mullet in San Francisco Bay

    Exciting! Thanks for passing on the news!
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    Bolsa Chica Inlet 11-14, HB Pier 11-15

    It is really tasty. Crispy, salty. I also fried a couple small mackerel and they were just as good. Slightly different because you can't eat the whole fish but the strips of fried mackerel come off the bone and are really tasty! Is your profile picture you looking at a large planted aquarium? I...
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    Bolsa Chica Inlet 11-14, HB Pier 11-15

    Hit the Bolsa Chica inlet on Saturday with my brother inlaw. Big surf redirected us from the Newport Jetty towards a safer spot. I fished from 7AM -1PM. My brother in law joined me around 8:30AM. Between the two of us we fished, jerk baits (calissa 110mm sardine color and smaller lucky craft...
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    Thinking about targeting squid at Newport Jetty. Any tips?

    My brother in law and I will hit the Newport Jetty tomorrow morning. I want to bring a live well and try to catch some live bait and I'm thinking about going for squid with those sabiki style squid jigs. Any tips from people that have caught them before? Is it worth trying to target them when...
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    Back from the dead

    Welcome back to the board and to fishing! Happy to hear you are feeling healthy and ready to catch fish!
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    Needlefish At 1st Street Jetty Seal Beach

    Congratulations! Very exciting! Thanks for sharing!!