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    Advice for exploring fishing spots in Northern Sonoma & Mendocino County?

    Been up to Fort Bragg many times.. tried fishing the jetties up there but zero luck. If you’re that far north, I would try crab snaring. Lots of dungies in the Mendocino shoreline.
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    Strangest way you've ever landed/hooked fish?

    My buddy caught a king salmon off the Freelance (3/4 day sportfishing boat out of Davey's Locker in Newport Beach) in the Huntington Flats while fishing for sand bass in August.. saw it first hand. And it wasn't the year when salmon came down to socal.
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    A short fishing trip to Pismo Beach, Ventura, Stearns (Santa Barbara), Goleta and Port San Luis

    Great pictures and travel recap. My guess is that once I retire, I will be doing similar journeys as well.
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    Newport Pier

    Yeah, used to sneak out at nights and do a little pier fishing in my teens. The pier used to open all night (never closed). I remember when there was a squid run in the late 70's early 80's.. the pier was so full it was shoulder to shoulder.
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    Finally success with lobster

    Very nice! Used to go to Crystal Pier in LJ and had some success there.
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    Winter Fishing on the Central Coast

    Awesome post! Been following your trips :) Whereabouts in the Central Coast do you fish?
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    Favorite crab baits

    When up in Mendocino, we use salmon heads and rockfish carcasses after they are cleaned from the half day boat trips. Works better than squid or chicken.