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    Fishing Calendars

    This is what I use for tides. You can select the location.
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    Needlefish At 1st Street Jetty Seal Beach

    Years back when Edison would dump the warm water through the channel, we would catch Needlefish one after another with pieces of anchovy. You're right, they are difficult to hook, but when they get bigger, you better have some long needlenose pliers or you will be bloody.
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    Threshers at Huntington...

    I totally agree. Those two sharks seemed like they were for attention, and they were getting it. That is why the DFG rep asked them to put the fish away. You are correct, the sinks, bathrooms etc are all gone. Empty platform.
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    Threshers at Huntington...

    This is last weekend on the Seal Beach pier. No concern and wasted meat just sitting on the pier in the sun.DFG did come but still. Makes me furious
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    Huntington Beach Pier Bait Shop

    HB Airshow is happening so that area is chaos for a few days...