Marin Rod & Gun Club's Kids Day On The Pier — August 22

Red Fish

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Nice meeting you over the weekend @Red Fish.

@Ken Jones How do PFIC members usually help? Loaning some rods and helping the kids set up?
Nolan, Ken must be out fishing, lol. Anyway, Ken should probably delete this original post and start a new one with the correct date of August 27, 2022.

In the past, volunteers show up in the morning by 8:30am (9 at the latest). Last year, derby started at something like 10:30am and lasted to 12:30pm (shortest in history of the event).
- Some volunteers register entrants at the main booth outside the pier
- We usually organize/set up loaner rods that PFIC loans and the ones that MRGC have as loaner rods
- We tie leaders on the rods with like single or double dropper loops and attach pre-snelled hooks (sometimes I will tie a few rigs as slider rigs (Carolina/fish-finder).
-Pass out some bait to kids - usually anchovies/squid pre-cut (or MRGC/PFIC cuts and baggies).
-Give some brief instruction on methodology: how and where to cast/tactics/safety
-Collect rods where line breaks, rig breaks and give children a different rod or re-tie the line
- Collect catch data and judge the catch (this requires walking up and down the pier and taking weight or measurement and reporting the data back to Ken Jones). Also, maybe contacting Ken to come take photos or taking a photo with cell phone and texting it for proof.
I personally usually work with the loaner rods and hand out bait and re-tie lines. And, I do throw in a line from the cleaning station where HQ is after the children are set up.
-Noon (or 1) or so, the kids have a hot dog lunch and an awards ceremony.
-In the past, I have been invited to fish the pier for the remainder of the day.
Awesome, thanks for the breakdown! Count me in to volunteer--I can bring a few light / medium spinning loaner rods, tie leaders, pass out bait, etc. I'll block my calendar off for that date for now.