Coming for a Visit, where can I rent gear?

Hi, I'm visiting in September and want to take my son fishing on one of the Piers near Redwood City. Which one is best and where can I rent gear? Thank you.
Thank you. We are flying down from Oregon for one weekend to see the Ducks play Stanford and want to sneak in some fishing. Don't want to check gear onto the plane.


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Big 5 : Daiwa d-wave combo about $35, or the Abu Garcia bruiser about $40, and you can probably find coupons online for further discounts. A couple of best bang for the buck combos, very good for the piers, and both are 2-pieces so you might be able to take them home.
Far better than anything walmart has in stores.
I used to have an abu Garcia bruiser, it’s ok, but for what it is, it is more or less a Shakespeare tiger from Walmart but with a aluminum spool. Lotta parts interchange, including with a Berkley combo, and the south bend competitor, all just bottom of the barrel reels. If you are coming down to buy decent gear, might as well use it as an excuse to buy something nice like a St Croix travel rod and bring tackle and a good reel down here.