Another Low Water Flatfish

Different tides but identical results three weeks apart. After postingHappy Pi Day Halibut Report, I did not fish for two weeks. Weather here was a triple no-way: high wind, low water, and chilly air. I was also in Oregon. It's greener but you can see the drought. River flows were not worth an out of state license. I fished steadily all last week (M-F) and bait was a challenge. Not that it mattered. Poles were motionless; bait swam around like pets on a leash. I saw one shaker halibut C&Rd and heard of some stripers caught there in later afternoon.

Today was one of those tidal events that don't inspire overconfidence. Zero feet at nine o'clock, slippery shoreline stretched out forever. A third of the pier was unfishable until Noon because there was no water below. Forecast called for strong winds by afternoon. A steady 10kph south wind greeted me when I got there just before eleven. Little hope of getting the cast net to function in direct torrents, but it wasn't cold enough to make me leave. So I persevered. Two anemic jacksmelt. . My friend came by and immediately bait-shamed me. I took his best bait. Shortly after I saw a tug and had the pole in my hand for a perfect hookset. Good fight, room to move, and this time I netted it myself--with a crab ring I'd just added rope to; otherwise it would have been too short on the low water.

Fish was also nowhere near spawning but I believe she has been in the bay longer than the previous fish. No sea lice. Pretty slender.

25” Right-Eyed Halibut (again)
Ugly Stik BWS 1100 2 pc 7’
Okuma Avenger 2500
CXX 10# mono line
Sliding bait rig with 2oz ball and size 1 Owner SSW
Live 8” jack smelt hooked through the upper jaw

Monday 2022-04-04
Sunrise 6:49 PDT, Sunset 19:35 PDT
Moonrise 8:43 PDT, Moonset 23:23 PDT
High Tide: 2:12 PDT 5.7
Low Tide: 8:57 PDT 0.0

Fish Caught 12:30pm, 2.5
Max Flood: 0:33 PDT 0.8
Slack Water: 3:29 PDT -0.0
Max Ebb: 6:46 PDT -1.2
Slack Water: 10:31 PDT -0.0
Max Flood: 13:24 PDT 0.9
Slack Water: 16:54 PDT 0.0
Max Ebb: 19:15 PDT -0.7

willhavetodo.jpg tidecatch.JPG
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Nice, Glen! I've only tried plugging for them a couple times so far this season, with nothing to show.

Lotta weeds, too! I have noticed, during these low tides, that there is a proliferation of sargassum (Japanese fireweed). It is all over and seems to have replaced the usual eel grass. Which was bad enough for throwing lures. This stuff, plus assorted lettuce and goo, has made it tough to plug without reeling in a pound of vegetation.