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    East Coast crab baiting methods

    Might be worth trying some of these on our local sidewinder crabs for Cabezon and rockfish.
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    Capitola Wharf 7/22

    Howdy everyone 👋 Just wanted to give a brief report about the Capitola Wharf. I went out for a couple hours(10:17am-1:48pm) and I went to the end of the wharf when I got there. It was fairly busy, but not so crowded like Pacifica so finding a spot was easy. I caught 7 shiners for halibut bait...
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    Monterey 7/6

    Thanks, love my old Penn. She may not be fast, but she can still fight the big ones🎣
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    Monterey 7/6

    Checked out Wharf 2, starting at 5:30am in the morning. Tried to see if I could snag some smelt or small perch for a lucky halibut. In the meantime, I threw out a anchovy popsicle to see if anyone wanted some ice cream ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Nothing for live bait, but something did nibble on my anchovies...
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    Pier fishing trip planning

    Thinking about going to Capitola pier again on Wednesday to see if I can get a halibut. Any tips or suggestions for increasing my chances? Also, if anyone wants to swing by while I’m there, feel free to say hi 👋
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    Half Moon Bay 5/18

    Both piers were a bust :/ Poke poled the jetty and caught a nice monkey face eel and some small rock fish. Currently on my third snag in a row 🤷‍♂️ After I break off, just gonna focus on eels for a hour more and call it a day. Overall, pretty good day 👍
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    Half Moon Bay 5/18

    Got here at 5:07 AM and went to the area in front of the hotel. Got my limit of gapers along with some ghost shrimp, pile worms and a single jack knife clam. Gonna clean up and check out the Johnson pier👍. Will update later ⏰
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    So Quiet!

    From what I could gather, they have gaper clams, Washington clams, cockles and other varieties. It’s gonna be my first time there, so I’m gonna report the fishing in real time while I’m out there. That way, I don’t forget about writing here and push the report back to a week later.
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    So Quiet!

    Gonna check out Half Moon Bay for jetty fishing and clamming this Wednesday. Also gonna check out the piers👍. Checked out Santa Cruz and Capitola but was busy watching the Warriors so the report was pushed back to oblivion.
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    How many people...

    I use it too. Helps to find something specific that I remember from browsing the threads 👍
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    Monterey 4/20

    Howdy everybody 👋 Been busy trout fishing, but I’m getting back into pier fishing for this summer. Left the house at 5:00am, however I made the mistake of trusting Google Maps without coffee and somehow ended up in Gonzalez :/ Basically lost a hour and a half, so not a great start. After...
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    Monterey 11/17

    Hello everyone, sorry for not posting lately. Between getting back in school, keeping up with family, and talking with friends on the other side of the world, I just haven’t had a lot of time to post. I have been fishing though, and I’ll be in Monterey again tomorrow. So, before I go again, I...
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    Monterey 10/15

    I cooked them over charcoal. Drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper, dill and red pepper flakes. Turned out pretty good 👍
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    Monterey 10/15

    Sorry for not posting recently. Been busy with stuff that I couldn't squeeze fishing with, but finally got some free time on Friday :) I arrived at Monterey Wharf no2 at 6:59AM. I was a bit hazed from the lack of coffee and breakfast after spending a hour looking for my crab net and hand...
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    Pacifica Pier Construction

    Got another Pacifica video, this one is a promotional from 1987. Shows a young man holding a very fine salmon, as well as featuring other local landmarks of the city.
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    Pacifica Pier Construction

    Found a video on YouTube with footage of Pacifica Pier under construction back in 1973 🏗. Interesting tidbit for the historical view of such a famous(or infamous) pier.
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    Monterey 9/25 SALMON SIGHTED!!!

    I was thinking about that thread when making my rigs. Looks like a great idea, might try a variant of that. I'm thinking put a bead and stopper knot on the mainline roughly the depth of the water I'm fishing. When the salmon bites, the bead and knot will apply enough pressure to make a hook set...
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    Monterey 9/25 SALMON SIGHTED!!!

    WARNING: This is long and rambly with only one picture. Feel free to skip around. I was able to get some time this Saturday to go fishing. I originally wanted to go check out the Seacliff and Capitola piers, but decided to go to Monterey since traffic was gonna be terrible either way. After...
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    Sabiki size chart

    I found this while browsing the Hayabusa sabiki page. It's useful, especially when ordering your sabiki online 👍