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    Redondo Beach Pier — action

    Thanks for the report! I’m
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    Update on Fish Species by Pier — Overall State

    I think the number assigned to each pier is the number of different species that were caught on the pier according to the fish and game surveys. So for example the top pier Goleta caught 66 different species while emmeryville pier only caught 2 different species. What I’d like to know is in what...
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    Clinging of braid

    What I’m saying is you might have to remove all your braid and have a shop pack it back on really tight. Your problem will be eliminated after that.
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    Clinging of braid

    You may have have not spooled the braid on your reel tight enough. It has to be put on with a lot of resistance otherwise it will get stuck and pinched in the lose braid on the spool
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    Good Day

    Nice day on the surf! Are you in so cal or no cal?
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    That’s been my experience as well. They tend to bite in the fall. It’s just I’ve seen so little sign of them up until this point. I’m glad to hear they are around somewhat though.
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    I fished the Redondo pier on Saturday and caught a few mackerel but was hoping to catch a bonito. I haven’t seen any bonito caught all summer and was wondering if any of you have had any luck this summer? It’s seems awfully late for the bones not to have made an appearance?
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    Redondo Beach Pier 10/27/20

    I arrived around 8 in the morning and was happy to see the pier wasn’t to crowded. Most everyone was fishing bubble and feather for bonito so I did the same. I ended up with 3 bonito and left around 10am. Fishing was ok but mackerel seemed to be noticeably absent.
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    Redondo Beach - King Harbor 10-20-2020

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a great time!!
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    Redondo Pier report 10-17 Saturday Night

    thanks for the report. Do the glow sticks actually help when the sun is still out?
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    Huntington Beach Pier 9/27 Report

    Thanks for the report.
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    King Harbor Report

    Hit King Harbor today with bubble and feather. I fished for a couple hours and ended up with one pretty nice Bonita. I’d say it was around 20”.
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    Balboa Pier 9/22

    Thanks for the report
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    Mackerel question

    Hi Guys , although I’ve been fishing all my life I’ve just started fishing piers this summer. My question is about mackerel. In southern California can you catch them all year round? Or are they more seasonal? Like a warm weather fish?
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    Late Report - Hermosa 9/13

    Very nice!! I like it. Quick and efficient trip
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    Rod Holders for Pier Fishing

    There are some rod holders that have a clamp to fasten to the top of the pier. I use it from time to time.
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    Balboa Pier 9/15

    I know it can be frustrating when they hang just outside of casting distance but it sounds like a fantastic day on the water!
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    Hermosa Pier 9/14/20

    Fishing was pretty good. Caught seven mackerel. Big Bonita put in a showing for about half an hour early in the morning. For the guys that had the bigger beefy sabikis they took home some fish. They ranged from two to four pounds. Some of the guys even brought in loaded 6 hook sabikis if you can...