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    Monterey Coast Guard Pier

    Hello, It's been a long time since I've been fishing. Planning to head down the the coast guard pier this weekend in Monterey. Do I need a license to fish there? Any tips? Been about 10 years since I last been down there. I remember a lot of a seaweed. Thanks
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    Oakley/Discovery Bay

    Thanks scary fish! Bank fishing is really what I was hoping for, while I day dream about buying a boat. I’ll try those locations
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    Oakley/Discovery Bay

    Thanks everyone! Haven’t heard of any of these piers before, will check them out
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    Oakley/Discovery Bay

    Hi All, I now live in the deep deep delta and I have no idea where I can fish without a boat. Any tips for shore fishing on the delta without a watercraft? I'm about a 10 minute walk to a dredge cut but I don't want to be on anyone else's property
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    Been crabbing on SF shores for the past two weeks. Nice weather, but I've only been catching females, a few legal sized. The nice weather has been bringing out people to the beach, which is nice but I need my crabbing space!
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    Goleta Pier Saturday night (2/23)

    Where do you get free spark plugs from?
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    Fort Baker........Sun 3/3/2019 REPORT

    Squids definitely gotten way more expensive. I've thought about buying the mackerel looking fish from the asian markets, not sure how well they'll do