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    Shelter Island...slow

    Thanks for the report. Better luck next time. :)
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    Cabrillo Mole 1/22/2023

    Nice going on the bonito!
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    365-Day Sport Fishing Licenses Are Now Available

    Can't beat accessible restrooms and local restaurants when it comes to piers. :) I bought a license last year but I don't feel I took advantage of it as much as I'd like. Due to work and just the "business" of life I did not have time to go fishing.
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    Avalon 1/6

    Very spoiled day for you! ;) Awesome report as always! Good luck in Davis.
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    San Clemente 1/7-8/23 Long Casting Produces Nice Variety

    Good seeing you on Saturday! Inshore was not productive as I had hoped. Glad you had better luck at the end of the pier. It was a good day for me to test braid on my old school DAM Quick reel which casted surprisingly well. The only bad part was at one point the top half of my rod flew off...
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    365-Day Sport Fishing Licenses Are Now Available

    A very nice change! Though I plan to dedicate this year fishing with no license at public piers and jetties.
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    Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rods sale $44.99

    Sounds like a plan.
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    Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rods sale $44.99

    2014 Shimano Super Aero Spin Joy 30. Comes with 2 spools - shallow and deep. Any fishing trips this weekend? I'm in SD and could meet up at San Clemente Pier tomorrow. Don't really need anything. How about a fish? ;)
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    Abu Garcia Vendetta Spinning Rods sale $44.99

    Evan do you need reel with drag? I got a Shimano long cast (drag-less) reel that I can give you that would pair up nicely with the long cast rod. I've used it once or twice and did not find it to fit my needs. I would rather see the reel be used than sit in a box.
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    Cabrillo Mole - Avalon, Catalina Island 1/1-2/23 Crazy Wind

    Thanks for sharing! Awesome fishing as usual. Hope you enjoy the new long cast rod.
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    Oceanside Pier 12/31/2022 report

    Nice going!
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    Happy New Year and some quotes about fishing —

    Happy New Years. Stay safe and healthy!
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    Avalon 12/13-14 and 12/20-21 (long!)

    Thanks for sharing! Nice haul! Sucks to get bit by the pelican.
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    Merry Christmas To All...

    Merry Christmas to all!
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    12/21/2022 Oceanside Pier Squid Fishing :)

    I'm surprised that the squid jig did not work. Nonetheless I'm glad you got success getting fresh squid. :)
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    Oceanside 12/17/2022 Special report

    Awesome. Daiso squid jig next time. ;)
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    San Clemente: 12/13/22

    Good fishing!
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    Oceanside Pier 12/14/2022 Report

    Daiso has some really cool items. Great for inshore applications especially at budget prices.