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    H&M Landing - 1986 First String Crew rescue 9yr old after 20 hrs at sea

    I came across this story on YouTube. The original incident happen close to 35 years ago, so I am not sure how many people even know if it. I hope you all enjoy it.
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    Is Domestic Vacuum Sealer Worth It?

    Good Evening, In my opinion, yes. I purchased one to vacuum seal my fish and other meats and noticed significantly less freezer burn. I know the ideal situation is to use up your meats quickly, but if you want to store them longer, I believe this will help. I purchased a different brand and...
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    Giant squid —

    Good Evening Ken. Do you know when was the last time Humboldt squid were caught at these piers?
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    HB Pier Sunday 8-21-22 Macks and a Bonito

    A question for all. How do you cook Bonito properly? I had the opportunity to catch some at Catalina but gave them away because I didn't know how to cook them.
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    A short trip to SoCal and six piers —

    Good Afternoon Ken, Loved reading your report. I noticed you included Points. What system do you use to assign points?
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    Any poets out there?

    How about one that promotes Catch and Release?
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    Happy Birthday Snookie...

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Snookie. I don't believe I have had the privilege of meeting or fishing with you, but I will keep my eyes open for you when I visit Balboa Pier. Have a great day with your loved ones.
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    Fished Cabrillo Pier

    Good Morning, We had the opportunity to fish the Cabrillo Pier for the first time. We were able to catch a few smelt, my sister-in-law caught her first fish, which we used for bait but found no takers. We did see a small halibut come over the rail for another angler and plenty of kids...
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    Poacher at the Paradise Park Pier?

    Good Afternoon Ken, Can you provide a little bit more data on how this is considered poaching? I just read the regs and it says no more than two rods/reels are allowed.
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    Report for 04/22/2022 - Belmont Pier

    Good Afternoon Had an opportunity to fish for a few hours at Belmont Pier Friday Afternoon/Evening. The far end of the pier was closed to fishing due to a sailing competition, but there was plenty of room on the rest of the pier. WInd was an issue, but we managed to bring up a few Mackarel...
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    What's Your Fisherman Name?

    Portagee Mermaid Meat
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    Good Evening Ken. Do you have plans to visit any SoCal Piers? If so, I would like to join you to meet you in person.
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    Whales Are Back at Balboa Pier

    I stopped by Balboa Pier yesterday in the afternoon. No fishing for me :(, but I did speak with some people who were fishing and they were not having any luck.
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    Pier Fishing In California Website 25 Years Old — Evolution of Pier Fishing In California

    Happy 25th Anniversary. I joined many years ago and was inactive for some time, but I was glad when I came back and saw the goal of the site had not changed.
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    Huntington Beach Pier - 2/5/2022

    Good Morning Brock. I have been taking my kids out fishing since a young age. Started them off with casting practice at about 5 years of age. They have enjoyed it and so have I.
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    Huntington Beach Pier - 2/5/2022

    We definitely tried to retrieve it, but your suggestion to use a treble hook is a good one. I will have to look into it and see if we can get lucky. I have also purchased tethers to hopefully prevent it in the future.
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    Sand crabs... Great Bait

    I recently saw a video where the angler was taking hardshell sand crabs and opening the shell exposing the insides of the crabs. He states it is like fishing with a softshell crab. I have not tried it, but it might work.
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    Huntington Beach Pier - 2/5/2022

    I was assisting my 9 yr old with casting out to the school of bait fish about 20 years from the pier and when I was bringing the rod back over the rail, I hit the top rail and the rod came out of my hand. I mistake, I should have had a better grip and used two hands, but I got comfortable.
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    Interesting tool

    Good Evening All, I had an opportunity to use a similar tool on Saturday 2/5. It took a while to get used to it, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to release small fish off a Sabiki rig pretty fast. I got mine on Amazon. Not expensive, about $8, and it came with two. Black Anchor...