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    Perch Report - HMB Beach

    thanks for the report with details.
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    Just wondering & curious...

    This site is great for newbies. I'm just getting back to fishing my old haunts but with new a generation of young fisherman. I will start posting my reports again, been hitting Martinez, Port Costa, and Point Pinole. They love hearing my reports of fishing from 35 years ago. Where i caught my...
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    Newest video — Favorite Piers

    Great video. I like how you transitioned to the Catalina background reminding viewers to like and subscribe. You should collaborate with other Youtubers to advertise your channel and build your subscriber base.
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    Pier Fishing In California Website 25 Years Old — Evolution of Pier Fishing In California

    Ken, pier rats will eventually return to piers again when they retire from kayaking, boating, and cliff climbing to remote rock fishing spots. Congratulations on 25 years educating the pier rat nation.
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    A new video...

    Great video. You are a legend.
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    Thornback Tuesday At Seal Beach Pier

    We had a crazy run of thornback rays at the Richmond Marina last year, when a dead grey whale washed ashore and was left to rot rather than towed out to sea. The waterfront residents were not happy.
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    Diamond Classic Kids' Day at Martinez Pier 1/29

    I won't be able to make this event this year, working this weekend.
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    Our first YouTube video —

    Ken, This is awesome. This your opportunity and first step to be the unifying force for the Pier Fishing nation. It starts with you making the move to You Tube, building your following, providing valuable factual content, and collaborating with other fishing sites to promote the building of...
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    Pier Fishing In California You Tube

    Ken I’m glad you are finally decided to take the dive into YouTube. You’ll look back a couple of years from now and question why you didn’t do it sooner. is making a big comeback. You got this. Xpostman
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    Archives — Now Open

    these archives are a wealth of information. Thanks for getting them back to us. Will the archives be searchable?
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    How many read the articles? Too long?

    Hi Ken, I have read all your articles and enjoy the attention to details and historical information. I also have both of your books 1st and 2nd edition. Xpostman
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    Any herring news?

    Nothing at Agua Vista park time 12:40pm 1/24/2021. Yesterday was an awesome spawn.
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    Bad News For All Beach Fishermen

    Yeah, I know but there are travel restrictions maximum five miles, unless you are an essential worker. I carry my paperwork identifying myself as an essential worker traveling to the Stockton fulfillment center every day from Hercules.
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    Bad News For All Beach Fishermen

    Good news for the fish. Looks like i have to plan to go fishing on Tuesday June 2nd at Point Reyes, nice morning high tide.
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    Is anyone fishing?

    Kehoe Beach this Saturday 4/20 for Redtail Perch.
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    Nice pic Glen, Probably not a good idea to bring up demographics since it can be misinterpreted as a racist comment. I’ll be more careful with my words in the future. Probably should have rephrased it as coming together of all weekend herring castnetters throughout the Bay Area descending upon...
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    It was pretty crowded last Sunday and I didn’t encounter any rude behavior. Not your typical Eastbay group, probably seeing a different demographic from other parts of the SF Bay Area. Gotta admit it was an awesome run with no competition from the commercial boats.
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    Best cheap cast net?

    Heavier nets sink faster. The sea lions have learned its easier to fish the nets so bring fishing line to patch up the holes.
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    Old Message Board

    Is the original message board still accessible?
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    Checked out Coyote point and Fisherman’s park Sunday morning, nothing yet