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    Seal Beach Pier damaged...

    Im thinking about 15 years ago last time it happened saw that ,but again jeez, the ocean does what it does,can't fight it ;,Just don't want to lose any more piers .
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    The weather...

    yep. and i have the need to fish , going berserk ha ,badly needed rain is welcome
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    Oceanside Pier 12/31/2022 report

    Beautiful pictures cold but tranquil thanks for the report and Happy New year..
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    The Family — The Lady of the Pier

    ken that story hits close to my heart ,many four legged dogs and a very special cat that adopted me on a rainy winter night tano was his name the owner no longer able to care for him ,very special and quite the personality ,always heart wrenching when no its time and you've had your...
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    Stuck in Catalina With The Bonito Blues Again

    Ken, very nice pictures ,and i love the Bob Dylan theme,big fan was able to see him in concert this past june, wasn't bad my how time flys.
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    Oceanside pier 11/10/2022 report

    Very Nice fishing . I had bonito last night cooked on a mesquite grill seasoned rite,delicious ,nice you caught one this late way to go.
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    November 2022 Fishing Report, Southern California (#280)

    Reports are still appreciated and helpful .Alot of work for you ,it doesn't go unnoticed
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    Surfer rescues woman after duo jumps from Huntington Beach Pier, man does not survive

    So very sad that pier was my home break for many years ,not a place to take lightly especially when the swell is up . heart breaking.
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    The Family

    So perfect and true,inspiring read first thing this morning thanks
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    Belmont Pier - Too much action

    Wow I was there earlier and was told the bonito bite was a late bite only mackerel for the rest glad you did well , I feel like that pier is getting little spooky Im always looking over my shoulder ,that said mostly friendly people ,thanks for the report
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    HB Pier Sunday 8-21-22 Macks and a Bonito

    Baked Bonito is delicious
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    Please do not confuse the article below and the Buena Vista Beach Resort with Rancho Buena Vista —

    Very nice. those little rooster fish fight hard on light tackle thanks
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    Buena Vista Beach Resort 7/19/26/2022. Long w/pic.

    Simply beautiful love the sea of cortez thanks
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    Sailfish leaps out of water, injures woman...

    Speaking of Florida i just returned from a trip to key west and the florida keys,no fishing this trip but i did stop to talk to fisherman along the bridges .Amazing the quantity and size of the fish they were catching yellow jacks ,yellow tail snapper ,mangrove grouper , tarpon mostly on shrimp...
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    Need some help...

    I wish they could all be wood piers ,something about them i like. In a perfect world people would clean up the cutting boards for the next person ,but as Mahigeer said one could dream yes;;
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    Need some help...

    I think the railing at seal beach was not designed for fisherman ,in fact i don't think that pier is fishing friendly anymore . At belmont people use the flat top railing as a bait cutting board making a mess which leads to complaints and railing like the seal beach pier. Maybe make the rails...
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    Whats Your Routine After A Day Of Fishing?

    yep you covered it ,i do the same
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    Happy Easter to all my fishing friends. Now go fish
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    Seal Beach Pier April 5

    trolley rig old school nice thanks for the report
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    Cool story,when my daughter was in high school she and a friend started a fishing club,I helped out with surf fishing and pier fishing it was fun ,mostly kids that had never fished very nice seeing them catch fish for the first time smiles all around start them young. Thanks