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    Where to crab at Tomales Bay?

    I've never been to Tomales Bay, so I want to give it a try. Surf is pretty rough this weekend, so I was thinking Tomales Bay would be a good place with protected water. The bay is so long, where does one start? Just rough estimate, don't need your fishing spot :).
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    Pacifica beaches and parking closed for long weekend; HMB open,San%20Mateo%20County,of%20the%20CZU%20Complex%20fires.
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    What beach is open from Moss Landing to San Francisco?

    Due to the fires, anyone knows what beach is currently open?
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    Modified Flutter jig mold.

    I use UV resin. It's pricey, but no waste. Instant cure, so I don't have to turn it. I just don't have the patient to wait for epoxy to cure. On big jigs, assist hook is easy to make because you can get a hollow core braided line. I guess pictures showing the process is easier...
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    Modified Flutter jig mold.

    Yes, single assist hook. I hooked all my fish on the top hook, so I don't bother putting on a second hook on the bottom.
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    Modified Flutter jig mold.

    Hey, you're back! Yes, I added the keel. I have no idea how well it will work. I haven't gone out to party boat because of COVID-19. Anyone wants to try, I have a couple finished in mackerel pattern. It's going to be a little over 5 ounces for the jig.
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    So how are people spending their time?

    Making a bunch of fishing lures during the weekend. I'm fortunate that I can work from home.
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    My DIY crab snares

    Crimp sleeves I got from Amazon
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    My DIY crab snares

    I got them at Orchard Supply. They are no longer around. It's Craftsman trimmer line .065" diameter. Here's an Amazon link...
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    Modified Flutter jig mold.

    Things I do during the COVID-19 lockdown, make fishing lures of course. I modded the 5 oz flutter jig mold. Not sure how well it works yet, since we are in a lockdown. I'm going to have a bunch of lures and flies by the time the lockdown is over.
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    Spider Crab/ Sheep Crab regulations?

    Does anyone knows what is the regulation for this crab? A friend of mine caught one off Monterey Wharf and he just toss it back, since he did not know the regulation on it. I did not see it mention the rules and regulation either.
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    What's your favorite pier...

    Belmont pier. I catch a lot of fish there when I was a teenager.
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    Anyone have interest in saltwater flies?

    I think it comes in a set of 3. Kinda confusing though. I tie my own flies and jigs. I have so many in my stock, it will last me at least a year.
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    How many rods are allowed from the surf while targeting Dungeness crab

    I still can't get an answer for if you can crab and rockfish at the same time. There are mixed messages out there. Some say you can and some say you can't. I understand that you can only use one rod for rockfish, but snaring is not aimed at rockfish. The method of take for rockfish is line...
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    How many rods are allowed from the surf while targeting Dungeness crab

    From Ed Roberts, Fish and Wildlife member: "Except inside San Francisco Bay, inside MPAs that restrict harvest of crabs, and when species with gear restrictions are in possession, any number of rods may be used to deploy crab loop snares. " It's a couple of replies below in the thread.
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    How many rods are allowed from the surf while targeting Dungeness crab

    The answer is in this thread. There's a reply from Ed Roberts a couple of lines down.—.258/
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    How many rods are allowed from the surf while targeting Dungeness crab Quote from "Any number of hooks and lines may be used to take finfish in all ocean waters and bays except in San Francisco and San...
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    Home Made Lures...............Post Your Completed Projects Here

    I see you are starting to make your own wire form for the lure.
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    Sandy eggo

    Are those spotted bass?