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    Old Content?

    Just wondering if the old content is still available somewhere?
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    Preference: Halibut or Rockfish?

    EWWW.... Why would you gut them? Think you may have been misinformed. Take the filet, do not disturb the guts and poo. Barley keeper size ling cod filet is the most clean and delicate flavor fish I've experienced.
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    Preference: Halibut or Rockfish?

    I like dumb fish, that will bite anything. Lingcod for me. I don't have much Halibut opportunity. love catching Lings off the rocks. Love eating them also. Beer battered fresh caught Lingcod and onion rings is amazing. Like eating Halibut also but never had the chance to catch one.
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    Giant (Black) Sea Bass in Eureka

    Any more info/pictures on this fish ?