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    Pink Czarinas and Chameleons?

    I don't know if there is a practical way to do this with current ships, but if they had to continuously exchange ballast water during their voyage, most of the larva from the point of origin would be released within a couple of days of leaving. The ballast water at the destination would be from...
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    Putah Creek 11/20

    It's good news about the trouts, but your original purpose left me wondering: how do you catch substrate feeders like suckers with hook and line? Steve
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    The Dec. Report is late...

    Ken, We're just grateful that you take the time to compile and post the reports. I hope everything is okay with you. Steve
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    If you plan to go to Catalina to fish from Mole

    Didn't they just finish a renovation within the last few years? What are their plans for the Mole? Steve
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    Huntington Beach Pier

    Looking at Ken's shoreline looking north in the 50's, Surf City isn't the first name that comes to mind. Steve
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    Lucky Craft Flash Minnow options

    Thanks Makairaa, I was thinking about that but was concerned it would change the action. I'll now have more confidence in trying it. Steve
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    Bottom fishing with Telstar Fort Bragg 9/9/22

    Though not referred to by name, it is shown as the blue-sided form of the blue rockfish, in A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes From Alaska to California, and noted as a possible separate species. Steve
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    Lucky Craft Flash Minnow options

    Thanks MisterT. Steve
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    Lucky Craft Flash Minnow options

    Some people are having success using Lucky Craft Flash Minnows to fish for halibut in the surf. I am interested in trying it, but I dislike treble hooks, and these have three. I am concerned about what they do to fish that will be released. Is there an alternative to treble hooks that will not...
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    Ocean Beach Pier Bait and Tackle Shop

    Thanks to Ken and jungfisher. Steve
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    Ocean Beach Pier Bait and Tackle Shop

    Is the bait and tackle shop still open on Ocean Beach Pier? If so, does anyone know if they rent equipment at a reasonable price? Steve
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    The official California Fish & Wildlife Dept. list of public piers and jetties — NO FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED

    All of the jetties in Ventura County are posted "keep off," so I am not surprised they are not included. Thanks, Ken, for getting the answers that have been around so long. Steve
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    5 Foot White Sea Bass Caught at Newport Pier

    I agree with Ken about the problems with snagging. I have seen corbina inside the surf at Hueneme, and there are usually some people with snag rigs, when they are around. I'm confident that they are selling them. I have to admit though, the only guitarfish I've caught snagged itself by the nose...
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    Changes in Sand Crab Regulations

    Ken started a thread on sand crabs: OaklandP pointed out that the regulations for sand crabs changed this year: Can someone check if dipnets and mesh devices made of hardware cloth are considered...
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    A Trip to the Southland and Eleven Piers

    Ken, In case you're interested, the birds are black-crowned night herons. The brown one is immature. Both of the photos are very good. Steve
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    Oceanside Pier Notes

    Ruby's also closed in the Huntington Beach Pier. Steve
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    Rod holders for flat (no rail) piers?

    This is clever. Steve
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    Knuckleheads, Dimwits and other stupid people — Stay Home!

    This could be short sighted. Fines could potentially pay for the wardens (if judges took wildlife regulations seriously). Steve
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    Best Slow Day Ever - Cabrillo Mole Catalina 2/14/21

    evanluck and Mahigeer. Thank you for your replies. Steve