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  1. scaryfish

    SF Bay Red Tide

    Just sharing this article:
  2. scaryfish

    12/05 Jacksmelt City-Burlingame

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Always listen if Redfish talks about bay fishing.... I chose to fish behind Kincaid's, mostly because I had some things in the car I did not want to bring fishing, or get stolen, and I am VERY wary about car break ins around the bay area these days....such is...
  3. scaryfish

    Foster City/San Mateo help

    I am going to be in Foster City this weekend which is out of my home turf. I was planning on heading to Baker Beach for some crab, but it doesn't look very favorable this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions for wetting a line near Foster City? I'm thinking there may be a chance for...
  4. scaryfish

    Anyone fish....

    Just curious if anybody has fished Angel Island from the shore? Are there spots to access the water?
  5. scaryfish

    Off to a good start

    This kid is on the right track. Way to go Dad, whoever you are.
  6. scaryfish

    Fishing in quarantine

    I don't have to words to say how jealous I am......
  7. scaryfish

    Tough Times

    I wish I had an aquarium.
  8. scaryfish