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  1. Grandwrath

    3 week skunk

    I had one of those. Held up well against the Hali in my profile photo. Just don't dunk it, it will seize I can confirm that =).
  2. Grandwrath

    Pacifica Pier damaged, closed indefinitely

    Thank you for information. Are the beaches next the pier closed? Lockdown or otherwise?
  3. Grandwrath

    Santa Cruz, Saturday 09.

    I had planned to fish the Wharf that same day as well but after looking at the tides and swell, I did not go. The tide was going out all day and dropped to -1.1ft from 5ft or so, lots of movement. Also swells were forecast to be big (relatively), lots more movement. In my limited experience...
  4. Grandwrath

    List of piers that are closed —

    Took my wife and son to Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf on 4/18. We heard the pier was open which it was, several fisherman spotted as we drove along the wharf. We found our spot and started fishing around 11am. About an hour in we were payed a visit by two Santa Cruz policemen on quads. They...
  5. Grandwrath

    Bank fishing near Cuttings Wharf in Napa

    How was the fishing? What do folks catch out there?
  6. Grandwrath

    Proud Dad moment on a Santa Cruz twilight trip

    He earned his new boat rod and reel this trip. He caught more fish than anyone on the boat, myself included. He listened to the captain and other anglers to be in the right place at the right time the entire trip and it payed off.
  7. Grandwrath

    Plan to catch some baits this weekend

    There was a small school of anchovies and a much thicker concentration of medium sized Jacksmelt at Pacifica last Friday. I have been to Santa Cruz a few times in the recent past and have not seen any concentration of bait from shore.
  8. Grandwrath

    Strangest way you've ever landed/hooked fish?

    I caught a tiny sand dab in my snare loop this weekend off the Santa Cruz wharf. It seemed the poor little guy would be dead for sure but as soon as l released the tension on the loop around his head he flopped back in the water and swam away. On the flip side of that last year in the same spot...
  9. Grandwrath

    New Forum — Recipes

    Excellent read! Great idea!
  10. Grandwrath

    Heading up to Santa Cruz...

    Cement ship pier is fenced off even further back than it used to be. You can barely get out of the surf on the pier now.
  11. Grandwrath

    San Leandro Marina drama?

    Worst drama in Santa Cruz are tourists asking questions. The drive over 17 isnt that bad and the fishing is good, why go north?
  12. Grandwrath

    Fort Baker/Elephant Rock Pier 9/18, 9/19 - Long Report

    Great report! Good job planting those seeds, the future of our religion sport depends on exactly the interactions you described. What bait did that beautiful ling hit?
  13. Grandwrath

    A Lingcod from the wells

    Long time forum lurker, first time post. Here goes... I grew up fishing. I fished brook trout and crayfish in my backyard everyday after school until I moved away from the country in middle school. I forgot fishing until my son came of age to fish. Urban fresh water fishing is not really my...
  14. Grandwrath

    Sad to see...

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - Charles Caleb Colton