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  1. The Happy Wanderer

    Red Tide In San Francisco Bay
  2. The Happy Wanderer

    Just wondering & curious...

    Not your fault at all, Ken. It's the taciturn fisherfolk in this region, myself included.
  3. The Happy Wanderer

    Just wondering & curious...

    Regionalism. Of the last 20 topics in the Pier and Surf fishing category, only 5 are not about Southern California, and those really do not pertain much to fishing. Look at Ken's Monthly Fishing Reports. In the last 21 months, only 5 of those are not about Southern California. Before anyone...
  4. The Happy Wanderer

    Earth Day 2022

    A good Earth Day to one and all. We are conscientious anglers here. Let's keep doing the right thing.
  5. The Happy Wanderer

    Newest video — Favorite Piers

    I like "redneck riviera." So many piers and so much criteria for enjoyment.
  6. The Happy Wanderer

    Another Low Water Flatfish

    Lotta weeds, too! I have noticed, during these low tides, that there is a proliferation of sargassum (Japanese fireweed). It is all over and seems to have replaced the usual eel grass. Which was bad enough for throwing lures. This stuff, plus assorted lettuce and goo, has made it tough to...
  7. The Happy Wanderer

    Another Low Water Flatfish

    Different tides but identical results three weeks apart. After postingHappy Pi Day Halibut Report, I did not fish for two weeks. Weather here was a triple no-way: high wind, low water, and chilly air. I was also in Oregon. It's greener but you can see the drought. River flows were not worth...
  8. The Happy Wanderer

    floating pier report

    I think it's going to another season of shorties. A recent party boat report mentioned over a hundred undersized halibut caught and released in a single day. Sigh...
  9. The Happy Wanderer

    Veterans Memorial Pier-AKA Belmont Pier

    Take heart. I've seen scores of piers from the Oregon border down to Mexico. Filthiest ones are in my region, the Bay Area. Compared to those, SoCal piers are immaculate.
  10. The Happy Wanderer

    Another very short video — blood clams

    Those clam knives give me the willies! But hey, how cool is it to put out a video on bait and then immediately catch something? Results are everything.
  11. The Happy Wanderer

    Fish ID: Sanddab or Juvenile Halibut?

    Tail says not a halibut.
  12. The Happy Wanderer


    Yes, that's another area for unleashed canine confusion. Of so many...
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    Most entitled people on Planet Earth.
  14. The Happy Wanderer

    Happy Pi Day

    Little or no wind today at Point Richmond. Slow moving outgoing tide after a sluggish incoming. I threw the cast net, jigged the sabiki, bobbered the smelt rig with fresh picked pile worms--and got completely shut out. Luckily for me an old fishing colleague was at hand. We have known each...
  15. The Happy Wanderer

    LuckyCraft Lures & Halibut —

    Lures from piers are a challenge. Some people like inline sinkers to keep the offering at a desired depth. It's worked for Heddon or Excalibur crankbaits and jerkbaits in the past. When I throw Rat-L-Traps from a higher elevation, I sometimes have an exaggerated drag so the lure travels a...
  16. The Happy Wanderer

    LuckyCraft Lures & Halibut —

    I do a bit of lure fishing in San Francisco Bay. From boats, Lucky Craft are effective, but most of the places I fish from shore are snag risks and I use swimbaits or hair raisers. For the price of one LC, I can easily have three swimbaits, including the jigheads, and stay on the water. I...
  17. The Happy Wanderer

    Pier Fishing In California Website 25 Years Old — Evolution of Pier Fishing In California

    Come writers and critics Who prophesize with your pen And keep your eyes wide The chance won't come again And don't speak too soon For the wheel's still in spin And there's no tellin' who that it's namin' For the loser now Will be later to win For the times they are a-changin' Bob Dylan 'Twas...
  18. The Happy Wanderer

    The Unintended Perils Of Ice Fishing (for Mahigeer and other cold angling mavens)

    psst: I confess: I really did enjoy it. And even caught fish. They were sluggish and ranged from carp to bass to pike, but you know what it's like to succeed in stranger conditions (like your prowess in the Sierras). I know you would enjoy it. A lot of people don't know that, for most of us...