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    Bluefin tuna

    Hey Ken, sorry this isn’t from the pier but I caught a new personal best fish! 207# bluefin tuna.
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    To Ken Jones!

    It was great seeing you at the Marin Rod and Gun Club Kids Day on the Pier! Thank you for all your hard work with all the pier derbies throughout the years! This may have been my last youth pier derby! I will be 16 in November. Please take care of your shoulder so we can fish again soon...
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    Diamond Classic Kids Pier Derby

    Please bring your kids out to fish the Pier Derby on the Martinez Pier, this Saturday, January 25th from 8 am to 4 pm! There will be volunteers to help everyone fishing, gear to use, free bait, and great prizes! Anyone can win great prizes!!! Catch a fish and get a raffle ticket! Raffle at 5 pm!!!
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    Diamond Classic Youth Pier Derby

    We will be fishing in the Diamond Classic Catch and Release Sturgeon Derby on January 25th There will be a FREE kids derby on the Martinez Pier the same day!!! Please bring out your youth to fish!!! There will be gear to use, free bait and prizes!!! Volunteers needed to help! Come out and...