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    Martinez Pier Currently Closed (Updated)

    Piers are not part of the 3 trillion dollar infrastructure plan.
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    Fall Stripers

    Stripers have been on the boil around the Benicia Bay.... but often just out of casting reach. Had one day though were I caught about 30 of them in less than 40 minutes.
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    Benicia salmon report?

    Worst Salmon year in history. 100 fisherman... maybe a 2 fish average per day at 1rst street. About the same at the State Park. Best report has come from Humphrey's in Antioch. They had a 10 fish day last week. Best to think about some other kind of fishing unless you like casting over 10K...
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    CDFW California Halibut Recreational Fishery Webinar

    A friend of mine who has been an avid fisherman for decades felt that with 30 people on 30 party boats limiting on Halibut nearly everyday inside the gate has been a disaster to the fishery. Taking nearly a 1000 fish a day out of the bay for months on end is the problem. Party boats should...
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    Favorite braid?

    I actually don't understand why people use mono. Stretches too much, hook sets are not as good. Looping memory like a slinky is a nightmare. Thicker, doesn't cast as well. Doesn't handle abrasives as well. I don't get it.
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    Favorite braid?

    I only use braided line for the last 8 years. I see no disadvantages, only advantages. I use it on spinning reels as I prefer to be fishing rather than pulling line out of a baitcaster.... like all the salmon guys do. Braid is thinner, stronger, doesn't stretch so I can feel what is going on...
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    Filthy Poachers

    I have NEVER seen a game warden at Fort Point Pier in SF. So many violations everywhere, every day. However, I have seen the game warden many times at Eckley Pier and even driving along the remote roads adjacent to the railroad tracks in Crockett for instance. So how does this make sense? It...
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    Filthy Poachers

    I was at Pacifica Pier two days after Dungy season ended. I saw a young couple pulling up big dungies and putting them in their bucket. I walked over and mentioned the season was over and politely let them know they could be getting big fines for taking them if the warden shows up at the neck...
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    Paradise Pier 6/5 - slow and full of algae

    I think they should just rename the pier and park Bat Ray City. Never seen so many bats coming up there recently. Last year about this time Halibut were everywhere, saw people with nearly zero fishing skills getting limits. 20 to 30 Halibut days not uncommon. It's now crowded and slow. The...
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    Give LE some extra power... and they love to abuse it. People are power hungry and this is a time it will rear it's ugly head.
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    A friend of mine had a citation on his car for parking in a known fishing spot in the Bay. It was citing health and safety violation.
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    Are your local tackle shops and...

    Benicia Bait and Tackle is open and fairly well stocked.
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    Bay Area (my report)

    Fished a few places this past week and weekend. Benicia > dead Crockett > spotty striper action, mostly shakers Point Pinole Pier> Some halibut action, some striper action on the shoreline south of pier Paradise Pier is closed Treasure Island> dead Alameda Rock Wall> some halibut action but...
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    Where is it listed and a conforming activity? Might be good to have that on hand in the event someone confronts the situation.
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    Well, pretty scary stuff if we can't. The idea that all food must be purchased through commercial government regulated channels would seem to take away one of our most basic human natural rights.... to live off the land in the most traditional way as we have for millions of years.
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    Even in this lockdown... it states we are allowed to get food, necessities and we can hike, go outdoors. Isn't fishing qualifying as "getting food?" Food is essential to life last I checked... and every fish I catch is one less that I will be taking out of the super markets or Costco.
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    Where are the salmon?

    I think there are a few fish around... I saw one boiling today at first street, but I don't think we have seen any big schools come in yet. Everything seems a month behind usual. If today were August 16th, then all this would be pretty normal.
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    Where are the salmon?

    Most of the guys agree that the water temps have been too warm. Lots of opinions.... too much bait in the ocean they are gorging upon. Water in the dams not being released.... all sorts of opinions.
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    The basics of fishing for halibut from piers — 1930

    Small mouth? I don't get that. I think they have big mouths. I've seen a 24 inch Halibut swallow a 10 inch jacksmelt.