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  1. Astralography

    Bay Area (my report)

    Fished a few places this past week and weekend. Benicia > dead Crockett > spotty striper action, mostly shakers Point Pinole Pier> Some halibut action, some striper action on the shoreline south of pier Paradise Pier is closed Treasure Island> dead Alameda Rock Wall> some halibut action but...
  2. Astralography

    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    Even in this lockdown... it states we are allowed to get food, necessities and we can hike, go outdoors. Isn't fishing qualifying as "getting food?" Food is essential to life last I checked... and every fish I catch is one less that I will be taking out of the super markets or Costco.
  3. Astralography

    Pier Report

    Fished three days this week, mainly targeting Halibut and sometimes Stripers. Fished Paradise pier for about 3 hours and saw nothing landed, but did see one guy lose a Halibut as it was trying to be crab netted. Fort Point Wharf, fished four 4 hours and saw nothing come out of the water with...