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  1. The Happy Wanderer

    Earth Day 2022

    A good Earth Day to one and all. We are conscientious anglers here. Let's keep doing the right thing.
  2. The Happy Wanderer

    Another Low Water Flatfish

    Different tides but identical results three weeks apart. After postingHappy Pi Day Halibut Report, I did not fish for two weeks. Weather here was a triple no-way: high wind, low water, and chilly air. I was also in Oregon. It's greener but you can see the drought. River flows were not worth...
  3. The Happy Wanderer

    Happy Pi Day

    Little or no wind today at Point Richmond. Slow moving outgoing tide after a sluggish incoming. I threw the cast net, jigged the sabiki, bobbered the smelt rig with fresh picked pile worms--and got completely shut out. Luckily for me an old fishing colleague was at hand. We have known each...
  4. The Happy Wanderer

    The Unintended Perils Of Ice Fishing (for Mahigeer and other cold angling mavens)

    This story is covered by a variety of sources but I chose the one from FOX: HUDSON, Ohio (WJW) – Hudson city officials are considering allowing ice fishing at city parks, but some are concerned. A few councilmembers fear people could get injured and Mayor Craig Shubert is...
  5. The Happy Wanderer

    41-Inch Rainbow Trout!

    A true fisherman. I would gladly shake his hand--or bump elbows. “I'm not after records in a book,” said Giordano. “I do it for the pure passion I have for catching these magnificent fish. I...
  6. The Happy Wanderer

    Shouldn't Pier/Shore Anglers Be Required To Carry Nets?

    Hey, all. I know you have to have a net aboard a boat (see below), but no such rule exists for pier and shore fisherfolk. This has become an issue in recent years when I fish on piers. I always carry a net because it makes common sense to me. Big conventional net for the shore; standard...
  7. The Happy Wanderer

    A Rare Male Keeper

    The great majority of the halibut I keep have been females. But this one was definitely a male. He had recently dined on ghost shrimp. Not often I get to see what a halibut has eaten. Got up this morning with one of those feelings. Change was in the air. We were between storms and the...
  8. The Happy Wanderer

    Ferry Point Pier Is Closed

    o l d n e w s
  9. The Happy Wanderer

    Grubbing On The Marin Coast

    The winds are consistently awful in the Bay Area and the courageous angler will be rewarded with short halibut most of the time. Not worth it. So I ventured to the seashore yesterday and took on the huge mixed swells and strong wind waves, to 8 feet. The wind itself was steady at 12 knots...
  10. The Happy Wanderer

    Finally A Hali Worth Posting

    I won't complain when I catch fish, but this season the benchmark Thirty Inches remained elusive for a long time. But I got there this morning around 10:20-25. This was about 100 yards from Redfish's recent beauty. East Bay Shoreline rules. I was foraging bait around 7:30-8:30 and got a...
  11. The Happy Wanderer

    A Good Earth Day To Everyone

    Honor our planet. If you cannot be a solution, please do not be a problem.
  12. The Happy Wanderer

    More Than You Want To Know About Currents & Tides

    I've taken/borrowed/purloined paragraphs from a couple of NOAA sites, rather than link. If the words are black, they are not mine (the sites do not attribute authors, alas). Not sure how important current is to oceanic or southern California anglers, but up here in the Bay, I would have to say...
  13. The Happy Wanderer

    Some Newer Nostalgia

  14. The Happy Wanderer

    River Striper In The Bay?