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  1. MattShock

    Anyone know if SF Muni Pier or Torpedo Wharf open yet?

    Hope I’m not beating a dead horse, but I can’t seem to find any information online to whether or not these piers are open or accessible, mainly the muni pier. Has anyone been by lately? I know J&P bait opened back up last week to provide live bait, and I’m thinking of making a trip down from...
  2. MattShock

    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Headed out at 01:45 from Reno with a pierfishing newbie friend of mine in tow. Got our live bait from J&P and had rods in the water by 0624 off the Muni Pier. Tide was outgoing and bottoming out at 0930. Fished hard all morning with jigs, swimbaits and live anchovies for only one small ray. No...
  3. MattShock

    Halibut - When they leave?

    Ever since I've moved up to Reno, I've been pretty out of touch with the bay area fish migration patterns. Can someone please remind me of what month the halibut traditionally begin to move back out of the bay? I am down in SF for business this next week, but am going to bring along some fishing...
  4. MattShock

    Halibut from shore?

    Thinking of making a trip down to the bay to hit some of the halibut action this weekend, anyone know if they have been doing well for halibut off paradise pier or fort baker? How about South Bay like oyster point? Thanks
  5. MattShock

    Fort Baker/Elephant Rock Pier 9/18, 9/19 - Long Report

    I really need to slow down these all day grinds, my body just can't pull a 24 hour day with only 2 hours of sleep like it used to be able to... Left Reno with wife in tow at 01:30 and had live bait and rods in the water at Fort Baker (yet again...) by 0630. Set up was the same: one rod for...
  6. MattShock

    Fort Baker/Fort Point 9-15-18

    Brought some friends down with me from Reno this time, arrived at Pier 45 for live bait and had lines in the water at Fort Baker at 0630. Set up in near corner with 3 way rigs, and one trolley rig for salmon on the far corner towards the gate. The tide was a couple hours from bottoming out and...
  7. MattShock

    Fort Baker Pier Report Part 2 - This time, it's personal... 9-6-18

    Couldn't pass up the favorable tides this week and convinced the wife to come down to try Fort Baker again. Same deal, left Reno at 0130, hit Pier 45, and then rods in the water by 0630, with the pier all to myself for most of the day. Lots of juvenile anchovies in the water around all sides of...
  8. MattShock

    Fort Baker Pier Report 9-2-18

    Left Reno at 0130, picked up a friend in Sacramento, swung by Pier 45 for bait, and was fishing at Fort Baker pier by 0625. Set up shop on the west corner towards the gate with 3-way rigs and live anchovies. Tide was topping out and just starting to slack when we arrived. My friend Josh...
  9. MattShock

    Live Bait Cooler Idea

    Anyone who uses live bait (anchovies in particular), knows how difficult it can be keeping your bait alive and well from the time you obtain it to the time you get to your fishing destination and more. I used to use the 5 gallon Home Depot buckets, paired with as many aerators as I could fit...