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  1. josh

    Marina Del Rey Sportfishing Dock is Open

    I was looking at party boat rates and noticed that Marina Del Rey Sportfishing allows fishing off their dock again. Ever since Davey's Locker shut down their dock for fishing I've been looking for another dock with live bait, so this might be useful to somebody else too. Not sure how much they...
  2. josh

    Balboa Pier Report

    3:30PM to 8:30PM. Last minute trip. State of the pier: Mackerel. Mackerel on sabiki rigs four and five at a time. Mackerel on Krocodiles. Mackerel on 1/0 and 2/0 circle hooks with ungodly large chunks of... mackerel, intended to keep the mackerel from getting hooked. Mackerel on cut frozen...
  3. josh

    Huntington Beach Pier

    Me and my girl will be fishing Huntington today between about 1030 AM and 6-7pm. I'll post my location once I get there - feel free to say hi! Anyone on the board is always welcome to fish with us. Also, if anyone has any recent intel beyond the monthly report (always the first thing I take a...
  4. josh

    Best Surf Spinning Reel $150-$300, ~17-25lb

    EDIT: wrong forum, how to delete? Sorry
  5. josh

    Balboa Pier 11.11.2020

    Fished from noon to 5pm. We were at the second wider area on the south side, across from the sinks. Two people fishing one lightweight (8lb test) spinning rig each. My buddy fished a high/low dropper loop rig with medium (around size 6) treble hooks. I fished a basic sabiki rig. I jigged the...
  6. josh

    Any Recent Goleta Intel?

    Hey guys, I'm going to hit Goleta this weekend. Any recent intel on what's active, what's working, etc? I expect to be fishing Saturday afternoon/evening and maybe Sunday. If anybody else is gonna be around, don't hesitate to join. This is the original josh from back in the day.