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  1. Bendopolo

    Variety Pack of Bass Huntington Beach Pier 9/20/22

    If you lifted those Seabass out if the water, you killed them. They can’t handle it. Better to not fish for the Babies.
  2. Bendopolo

    Recently at Bodega Harbor

    Go big or go home. I use a #4 hook and 2-4 Sandcrabs.
  3. Bendopolo

    Dorado from a pier...

    Probably not as surprising but I landed 3 Dorado off the beach at Punta Arenas, 40 miles South of La Paz. We were Surf fishing for Roosterfish when the Dodos came into the beach chasing bait. Amazing!
  4. Bendopolo

    Bolsa Chica State Beach 6/16

    I used 3 or 4 sandcrabs, sort of a seafood shish kabob on a #4 bait hook.
  5. Bendopolo

    10 Plus 2 Plus 1 = Fun Day At Seal Beach Pier

    Halibut and Thresher Sharks. A fillet of Jacksmelt will give you 3 good strips for Halbut. For Theshers, cut in half, fish 8-10 feet below a float. The Strips, I use like a lure, working it along the bottom. Bass, Croaker, ShayRays all eat the strip.
  6. Bendopolo

    10 Plus 2 Plus 1 = Fun Day At Seal Beach Pier

    Smelt strips= Great Bait
  7. Bendopolo

    Winter Orange County Mackerel Fishing

    We call it - “Making Bait.” Drive around a likely area, find on Meter, drop Sabiki into them. Fill Bait Tank. Go fishing….
  8. Bendopolo

    Quick Report Dana Point Jetty/Pier 2/28/22

    Hougan’s Tackle on PCH in the Arco/Carls Jr. parking lot.
  9. Bendopolo

    Finally the halibut wake up

    There have been roving schools of Halibut all Winter. It is like Fall never left. The addition of some monster Yellowfin Croaker has doubled the fun. Last trip, at 56 street I ran into a school of large Spotted Bay Bass. The waves were brown with them for a while, I landed 13. There have been...
  10. Bendopolo

    Looking for help getting live mackerel - UCLA Research

    You could probably ask one of the Local Landings 1/2 Day Boat to save you some. If you want them live you are going to need a circular saltwater tank with an Ammonia Resin Filtration System or keep them in a Bait Well in the Saltwater. That was my method. They require huge amounts of Oxygen...
  11. Bendopolo


    Limits on 3/4 day boats off Newport recently.
  12. Bendopolo

    Fishing With My Mother At Huntington Beach Pier

    Those things can give you a hell of a bite! I’ve grabbed a few over the years trying to pull up a Sand Crab. Leaves a perfect circular your palm.
  13. Bendopolo

    is this a queenfish?

  14. Bendopolo

    CDFW California Halibut Recreational Fishery Webinar

    I’m late to this but I think there should be a slot limit. Let the big old Females (large Halibut are Female) live to create more in the slot.
  15. Bendopolo

    Fisherman Keeping Illegal fish at San Clemente Pier

    Today, on my bike ride, I saw a “Gentleman” using 6 rods at Irvine Park Lake. He had a bucketful of Bluegill and super small Bass. Basically cleaning that tiny pond out. I told him I called the DFG. He ran at me and told me to mind my own #+cking business. Ken is right. Some people just don’t...
  16. Bendopolo

    Second Keeper at Balboa Pier yesterday

    Lot of Bass up and down the surf zone the last few weeks. Spotties, Calico and Sand Bass are on the move.
  17. Bendopolo

    Keeper Halibut Balboa Pier

    Putting your “Kids” on fish is the best feeling ever!
  18. Bendopolo

    Favorite braid?

    Three is a place for all types of line. I still use Mono to throw Jerkbaits for Halibut and I believe the stretch helps with landing them on the waves. I use braid for throwing Topwater, and so I can use my light Spinning Reels with heavy(30)pound) line in certainty snaggy situations.
  19. Bendopolo

    Favorite braid?

    I’ve been using Hurricane Brand 12 strand on my spinning reels. Very round, durable and easy to tie knots. Snugs up very nice. Available on E-Bay.