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    Happy birthday Skipper.

    Dude! Did I miss the paying attention, again? Dam! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR KEN,N,N,N- Happy Birthday to You,u,u,u,u! (late, again). Marty.
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    Happy Fathers Day Brotha's!

    To all of us "old guys" fortunate enough to have kids, and to all you "young fella's" with Dads of your own, what'cha got goin on for fathers day? My son already took me out on that "cattle-boat" as a gift, so now the girls are cooking rib-eye barbecue with all the trimmings! I've got some...
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    Big Mac's biting at Monterey wharf

    Monterey can be Really Really Really GOOD! BUT, it can be dead, dead, dead! Gotta hit'em when they're runnin! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
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    Happy birthday Skipper.

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear KKKENNN, Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Halibut limit along Berkeley pier in kayak 5/11

    Dude! That's ONE fine mess of fish! I'm thinking of sereral different recipes I could use that fish for! Hope you enjoy!!! Probably already have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Broiled Shrimp

    GIVE ME A BREAK! Dude, I was lookin for a secret mouth watering "gotta have it" recipe, and this is what ya whip on ME? BOY, have I got a few recipe's for you!
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    Cattle Boat trip in San-Pedro may 26th

    I apreasiata any and all comments, I say "a bad day fishing is better than a GOOD day working!!! Really tho, I learn something on every trip I go on. Sometimes more than once...…! "if ya know what I mean"
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    Pan-seared fish with tomatoes and olives

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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    Pan-seared fish with tomatoes and olives

    I can't believe 135 views and not one reply??? Not even a thats OK or even a THATS NASTY!!! Of course as soon as you try it it'll become one of your favorite ways to do rockfish! Seriously!
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    Cattle Boat trip in San-Pedro may 26th

    Yea, that sounds like wise Info, the fact is a 4lb sheephead took the jackpot! The deckhand seemed to have his hands full so I wound up "helping" several (patrons) get tied up to fish, I guess I looked like the OLD PRO to that bunch of tourists! It earned me a few beers anyhow!!! Always happy to...
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    Avalon 5/27-5/28

    Looks like you had a good trip, I went out on a cattle boat to Catalina on Sunday, we started about half way up the island for small white fish on squid strips, i was casting yo-yo jigs, then we moved past Avalon and anchored up next to another boat who were picking away at yellow-tail...
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    rockfish opener on the hulicat, half moon bay, california, 4/1/2019

    Alan!, Nice to see ya out and about! Been awhile, Tight Lines to Ya! Marty.
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    Cattle Boat trip in San-Pedro may 26th

    My son wanted to get me out on the water for an early Father's day gift, I'm kinda set in my way's, my son likes to try "new" things, so we ended up on a boat to fish Catalina. Now, I'm not gonna (BAD) mouth anyone or thing, and the boat was large/spacious/n/comfortable, kinda unique it had a...
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    What fish is this?

    Wow, that's a new one on me! Not a squaw-fish, not a pike-minnow. I don't really have a clue, but my guess would be some kinda asian milk-fish, wish you had a better picture of it.
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    Crab nets in fast water

    Too much current, wave action? forget using yer nets and use snares, problem fix'ed! Unless you are south of point conception, where there is no snares allowed I believe.
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    Poke poles

    Dude! It don't matter what the tide is, if your feet ain't wet you ain't poke polin! Oh and watch out for those (rough waves) you'll be ALL wet! Useally tho. low tide will get you out into those "deep" holes. poke polling is like being a COP! if you really want to be any good at it, you've gotta...
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    Central Coast 2/20-3/05

    I see your still at it, and as usual you're making my mouth water! You lucky Dog!
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    Goleta Pier Saturday night (2/23)

    Spark-plugs? Contamination? Maybe if you could get some spark-plugs out of those 12 cylinder radial engines from WW-2 B17 Bombers (they have an ounce of Gold each) ((gold is the best electric conductor for a sure ignition, nothing but the best for our Boy's)) at least it would help "my"...
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    Pan-seared fish with tomatoes and olives

    2tbs olive oil, 4smallish or 2large fillets, salt/pepper, 2cloves garlic minced, 1onion sliced thin, 1cup cherry tomatoes quartered, 1/2cup white wine, 1tbs lemon juice, 1/2cup kalamata sliced olives, 2tbs ea. parsley/basil chopped. Instructions: heat oil in large pan on medium, salt/pepper...
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    Whats up? with all this rain we should be seeing some signs of................?.................

    Any word on some sand-dab action? Like San-Simeion? up in monterey? down south? Dysfuntional minds would like to know, hint, hint, wink, wink,!!!