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    Lobster Season

    Hey guys as you probably know lobster season begins this weekend and I am going to be giving it a try this Sunday evening at San Clemente Pier. I did not have much luck last year so hopeful to do a little better this time. Does anyone have any tips for lobster fishing? I know the basic stuff but...
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    Bonito at San Clemente Pier

    Headin down to sc pier tomorrow morning to hopefully catch some bones and whatever else is around. Anyone caught or seen any bonito at sc pier recently?
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    Lobster Fishing in Dana Point Harbor

    I normally hoop net for lobsters off San Clemente pier but I was wondering if the jetties in Dana Point harbor would be a good bet for the upcoming season? Any thoughts?
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    Catalina pier fishing

    Anyone know how fishing has been on the Catalina piers this summer?
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    Anyone have a recipe to chum for mackerel or baitfish?
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    San Clemente Pier Fishing

    Anyone fished San Clemente Pier recently?
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    Mackeral Fishing

    Has anyone fished San Clemente Ier or somwhere near there recently? Has the good Pelagic fishing for maceral started?
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    Mullet fishing

    I was wondering if mullet taste good because I noticed they get big and wanted to know how to catch them.
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    Rockfish from piers

    Does anyone have some tips for catching some rockfish at San Clemente pier?
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    San Clemente pier Bonito

    Does anybody have some tips for catching bonito at san clemente pier?
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    Catchin yellowtail

    I have been wanting to catch a yellowtail from a pier for a while now but I am not sure how. Tips are greatly appreciated
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    Guitarfish fishing

    Im wondering how I can catch a guitarfish from the san Clemente pier because I read that they are pretty good eating. Any tips, rigs, baits?