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  1. Blunt Force

    OK to register on Message Board

    Is there anymore info on the archives . I tried searching online and thought they were lost forever . Would be cool to see them all again.
  2. Blunt Force

    Decent surf fishing area.

    Just looking at both those spots Ken , thanks for the ideas . I have never fished either area as I usually dont venture far from the piers but I will look into hitting them . Thanks for the recs. and good talking with you , its been a long time . glad your still helping us all out.
  3. Blunt Force

    Decent surf fishing area.

    Heading out from Tucson again and wanted to hit some surf fishing this time if I can locate some place not crowded . I may still swing by the typical haunts Imperial ,Crystal maybe go as far north as Oceanside Pier but wanted some place a little more southern for a quick turn around day...