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  1. uglystick

    Best catch of the year

    Happy holidays! With 2018 coming to the end, let me introduced my best catch of this year: a cab on a crab snare. :) It was an undersized one so it was immediately returned to the water safely.
  2. uglystick

    How to get monkeyface eel out of hole

    This has happened to me about 10+ times when I am fishing in rocky areas. When the mokeyface eel bites my hi-lo rig, I think its tail grips on rock or hole pretty tightly. This makes me impossible to pull the fish out. Whenever I give it some slack, I can feel it trying to get deeper into the...
  3. uglystick

    Capitola skiff

    Nice new website! Thanks Ken for the great work! We (nacho and sea++) went on a skiff in Capitola last weekend, and had great time. The bait is abundant. We caught bunch of brown rockfish, and hooked up two sharks (they all bit off the leader upon surfacing). The most exciting highlight of...