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    Balboa Saturday

    Needed bait. Decided to try Balboa. Took me 40 minutes to find parking. Yup, summer is here. Swell is ripping good.. no sardines anywhere. Did get non stop smelt, a few mini macks. Pin one of them on a c rig and 10 minutes later, got a 20 incher butt. Threw him back and went home to watch the...
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    Bullied At Belmont Pier?

    I must say since post 2020, I have encountered much more "incidents" on my fishing sessions. Lake Silverwood, some guy in a rental purposely did a B line towards my set lines on shore. Newport pier, had a group trying to take over my spot like I wasn't even there. Huntington pier, had a shark...
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    San Clemente Pier Open For Fishing

    Yes. Pier is open to fishing. Tried for lobsters tonight. Arrived at 4pm. Tide was really low and saw no signs of oil anywhere. Got to the shack to make fresh bait and got a bag of large macks. Ended with one legal and 8 shorts. One net pulled up 5. It was music to my ears hearing them flob. 3...
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    San Clemente Pier Open For Fishing

    Thanks for the info. So is it open today and tomorrow for fishing as well?
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    Lobster Season

    I hope it will not be a zoo for your sake. Last year's opener was a complete mess. People arguing, yelling, cursing at each other. I had people literally throw their net in front of where I was sitting/fishing and also throwing their nets right on top of my net. I will never go on opening day...
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    Balboa pier. Saturday

    Bad pic. But i gutted him. Looked up on and it is as you said. Looks identical. How are they for table fare? Is this rare?
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    Balboa pier. Saturday

    Just came back from pier to make more bait for my catfish and stripers. Water is dark green. Swell was unusual tonight. Switching north to south to incoming to outgoing in a matter of a couple hours. All the sardines you want. However the macks were absent. Only caught 5. Also i believe i got a...
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    San Clemente Pier Sat 07/17

    There's really nothing you can do at that point.. like Mahigeer said, these guys know the rules & regs better than most. If warden comes.. they have 3 people in the group.. they can claim all the fish belongs to them sharing the same bucket of fish. He can deny selling fish as well. His words...
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    San Clemente Pier Sat 07/17

    I believe so, he had a dolly type cart set up. I know he's a regular, every time i go to that pier, he's there.
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    San Clemente Pier Sat 07/17

    Set up near the surf and fished for spotfins. Caught one and lost another big one busting off. Bait was asian market cooked mussels. Can't locate any fresh in the markets anywhere. Any one know where to buy them? Also got 2 sargos (on shrimp). Interesting day, guy next to me caught a lobster and...
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    Balboa pier 04/17

    I kinda guess they were salmon groupers. They were tiny. 2 inchers. Do not keep them. Saw many others fishing catching them too. Does that mean, they stick around? Are there 10inchers around? Breeders?
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    Balboa pier 04/17

    Decided to go load up on bait. Fished the pier from 4 to 8 PM. Got just about every kind of bait you would want. Sardines, Mack's(small to medium size), smelt, and even a few jack macks. Also, what the hack are these? Caught 20 of them. Wouldn't say it was wide open, but plenty of action to keep...
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    San Clemente 12/30 - 1/2 the skunk and the comeback

    Pretty good fishing. I should have went the day you went. All I caught was that red kelp on New Year's day. Gotta get some of them blood worms to try. Yea, shrimp wasn't working at all.
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    San Clemente New Year's day

    I have tried that in the past. Didn't seem to make any difference for me. I had the sea dog messing with my nets. I threw the shorts opposite side of the pier. Heard sea dogs munch of them..interesting note.. the warden showed up but didnt check anyone..wished he did.
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    San Clemente New Year's day

    Decided to try lobster hooping and fishing. Got there 3:30 to get some fresh mac but it was not happening. I only saw one caught the whole time. Luckily got frozen as backup. We set up at the end, shark crew all around. So my lady was fishing for mack and I was slide baiting a small perch with...
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    Cold Days Hot Meal

    Hey Guys, With the cold temps coming, been thinking about food during trips. It would be extremely satisfying and convenient to have a hot meal on certain remote locations/situations. How do you guys do it? Or you stick to cold sandwiches?? I got this portable powerbank HALO Bolt. Specs are AC...
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    Big Bear

    Had the itch to fish for trout. Went on Sat. On the way up, 4 car collision causing 1hour and half of delay. Wind was blowing gently, but it was cold. I didn't even need to bring ice, there was snow on the shores. Caught 4 pink meat trout with green powerbait. Nothing big, 2 pounders. Used...
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    Huntington pier. 9/19

    So my quest for Bonita continues at the pier. I really should just jump on a half day boat in SD for a sure thing right now but what's the challenge in that, right? Anyways, its pretty hot today. Fished from 10 to 2pm. Light wind. Dirty water. Good smells. No bonita for me or anyone else I could...
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    Redondo pier. 09/07.

    Heard reports Bonitas were biting. Fished from 8:30 am to 12:30. Good swell, nice wind blowing from our backs. So nice to beat the 114 temp of yesterday. Should have came yesterday, there wasn't much happening today. Threw caivo jigs for bonita. Got only 2 small macs. Also tried bubble and fly...
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    Newport Jetty Saturday.

    Decided to fish the jetty other than the balboa pier. Didn't want to deal with all the people there. Fished from 6 to 8pm. Hopped about 1/3 way out. Wasn't fun at all with poles and heavy backpack. Goal was to throw colt snipers for bonita or anything really. Wind was minimal. Skunked hard. BTW...