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  1. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Diego Garcia Trip Half-Way Home Report

    Hello PFIC crew, Hope all is well! So, I’ve been out here in Diego Garcia for almost 3 months now and wanted to share the fishing news and some photos with you guys. The fishing has been okay here but not great like in years past. I fear that the area is becoming over fished by the people on...
  2. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Diego Garcia Revisited

    Hope everyone is doing well and getting out to fish as often as evanluck ;) I haven't done much fishing as of late as I am in preparation to head back to Diego Garcia this evening. I wanted to get in a quick report before I left. I found some photos from 2016 and 2018 while out in DG. This will...
  3. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Pelagic Trifecta and Fishing with the Bonito Whisperer Newport Jetty Report 10/22/20

    Exceptional bonito showing today at the Newport Jetty! I wish EgoNonBaptizo could have stuck around for the bonito main event that occurred from 10-11 am. After losing 2 bruiser bonito to hook shake-offs on the splasher rig, I noticed another angler using what appeared to be a Rapala and...
  4. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Redondo Beach - King Harbor 10-20-2020

    Yes, I fished on one of the two platforms along the splash wall near Joe’s Crab Shack. I parked in the parking lot where Ruby’s restaurant is. The parking lot gate was up when I arrived, but when I left the gate was down and there was a parking attendant there. I had to pay $2 an hour for parking.
  5. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Redondo Beach - King Harbor 10-20-2020

    I was feeling quite nostalgic after re-reading Ken’s article on the Redondo Sportfishing Pier and King Harbor. Prior to today, I hadn’t fished King Harbor in over 25 years. So, I checked out YouTube to see if anyone posted any recent fishing action out at the “Bubble Hole”. I saw a video of...
  6. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Balboa Pier - Tu/Th 9/29 & 10/1

    This late in the season I have had success with the splasher/feather rig by mixing up my retrieval speed and splash cadence. If a bonito misses my feather after the first swipe at it, I’ll stop retrieving and pause for a moment. Then I resume at a slower retrieve and often get a hook set on the...
  7. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Newport Jetty 9/26 Report

    Met up with evanluck today at the Newport Jetty. We fished the incoming tide this morning into the afternoon. I used the splasher rig for the most part. The early morning bite produced some nice bonito and several boils along the jetty occurred throughout the morning and early afternoon. I...
  8. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Balboa Pier & Huntington Beach Pier 09/10/2020

    After reading some of the recent reports, I headed down to Balboa and Huntington Beach to see if the boneheads were biting. I fished Balboa from 6 am to 11 am. I tried the splasher rig, mini jig and top surface plug. I caught all my fish on the mini jig (jigpara 15g). Tally: 10 micro macs and 1...
  9. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Huntington Beach Pier 8/20 and Balboa Pier 8/22

    Thanks for the info! I‘m going to try to make it out to Balboa next week.
  10. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Huntington Beach Pier 8/20 and Balboa Pier 8/22

    Did you see anyone throwing a splasher rig at Balboa?
  11. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Hermosa Beach Pier 8-10-20

    Steve, I add a small screw on the side of the egg to attach the leader/fly hook. This shortens the leader length in half. When the egg hits the water or sometimes in mid-air the leader comes right off and you’re good to go. I just made an egg with a 1.5 oz torpedo sinker added inside of the egg...
  12. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Hermosa Beach Pier 8-10-20

    Met up with a fishing buddy yesterday to see if we could catch bonito and get a break from the heat. I fished from 6 am til noon. Tried a mix of jigs ( Kastmaster, Krocodile and Jigpara) the first couple of hours with no luck. I switched over to the splasher rig (wooden egg tied to 30# braid...
  13. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Hermosa Beach Pier 08-08-2020

    Decided to check out Hermosa Beach Pier following OccasionalFisherman’s report of bonito being caught at the pier. I’m glad I did as there was an exceptional showing of boneheads! The yellowtail made a passing when I first arrived, what a sight to see! Fished outgoing tide from 16:30 - 20:00 -...
  14. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Any Seal Beach regulars out there?

    I fish Seal Beach once in awhile. Even though the new stretch of pier extends out pretty far, I haven’t had any luck there in recent memory.
  15. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier - 07/19/2020

    Fished the out going tide today from 1200 - 14:30, sunny, but windy conditions. Caught about a dozen small macs and a micro bonito, all on the jigpara micro jig. Saw some macs being caught on squid and sabiki, no signs of the sardines that were in evident in good numbers last week. Hoping to...
  16. DiegoGarciaWahoos

    Short Trip to Six SoCal Piers — 7/14-7/17/2020

    I was truly in the presence of rarified air that day! What a pleasure it was to meet the Skipper and Snookie! Like KJ noted in his report, it was a tough outing at Balboa. I managed to catch several small macs and a micro bonito using one of my favorite pier jigs, MajorCraft Jigpara (size-10...